July 17, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Britain's Got Talent
Abigail Clancy
Abigail Clancy :: Getty Images
With many eyes focused on the British Open this weekend, NextRound.net is paying tribute to the other great British contribution: pin-up models. One of the lovely ladies featured is Abigail Clancy, who just got engaged to the Premier League's Peter Crouch.
Scaredy Cats

You gotta check out this video of several athletes, including Tim Tebow, Ben Roethlisberger, Adrian Peterson and Kurt Warner, among other, giving their thoughts on the LeBron James tape scandal. Most of the guys wouldn't say that LeBron should release the tape. It pretty much comes off like LeBron is Tony Soprano and Paulie, Christopher and Silvio don't want to piss him off.

Damage Control

We told you the other day about Richard Jefferson getting cold feet before his marriage to a Nets dancer and bailing on his wedding at the last minute. Some reports even said Jefferson broke up with his fiance via e-mail. Anyway, the Spurs forward appeared on The Howard Stern Show yesterday to tell his story. (Warning: It's The Howard Stern Show. The language is graphic.)

Interesting, Um, Sport
Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar :: Brock Lesnar/AP

I thought this link about Brock Lesnar was the funniest UFC item I'd see today, but then I saw this.

Random Links

Shaq pays tribute to Michael Jackson with his own version of Beat It. ... Who are the best musicians who have played sports in public? ... Shawne Merriman tries to help an ESPN reporter hook up but things don't go well. ... Here's an awesome look at wrestling top heel moments of the '80s.

Checking In With The Ladies

Kim Kardashian is ready for some car racing. ... Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, stood out at the ESPYs Wednesday night. ... The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders just shot their swimsuit calendar and they're actually doing it for a good cause.

Tweet Box

I didn't think I could like the Tweet Box series any more, but this week's episode rips Dane Cook, so now I like it even more.

Bush League

Many, many thanks to AJM, of Albuquerque, N.M., who alerted me to this radio clip of Billy Bush interviewing the lovely Maria Menounos. I'm grateful to Bush for reading Hot Clicks on the air and mentioning SI.com and Hot Clicks a few times, but I'm hurt and insulted that I was referred to as "Writer Guy." Where is the love?

Twitter And Facebook

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Sports Video Of The Day
These guys have been featured in Hot Clicks before, and now they're back with Part II.
Post-It Notes Video Of The Day

Who know those sticky little pieces of paper could produce something so cool?

Making Of Post-It Notes Video Of The Day

Here's how the previous video was made.

Painting Video Of The Day
Hot Clicks has also featured these Hot For Tools videos before, but since some of you may have painting to do around the house this weekend, this video will come in very handy.
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