August 28, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Abigail Klein
Abigail Klein: Courtesy of
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Since I won't be around Monday to continue Hot Clicks' a) weekly countdown to the start of the NFL season and b) weekly look at a top cheerleading squad from the NFL, I'll do that today. Before I get to today's squad, the Dolphins' cheerleaders, who were featured a few weeks ago, generated a lot of e-mails. Patrick S., of Tucson, Ariz., said, "I understand why you went with Ariana today to headline the Dolphins' cheerleaders, but all I could think was, 'Jimmy must still be hopped-up on Yankees sweep.' You should have gone with Bibiana. She was even voted 'America's Sexiest Cheerleader.'" Daniel Adamson, of Alpharetta, Ga., said, "Jimmy, I don't know why this girl wasn't at the center of the Miami Dolphins piece you did yesterday. Two words: Lilly Robbins." And Cole, of Beaumont Texas, said, "You posted this Monday and I request more of this cheerleader ... or at least a name. Something!" Sorry, I have nothing, but maybe a reader can help. Now, with the season's first Sunday about two weeks away, one of the things to watch is what the Cowboys are going to do about that JumboTron (which made this list of the top 10 stadium snafus). No matter where the JumboTron is hanging from, fans will surely be glued to it when the team's cheerleaders are shown, specifically Abigail Klein. "Hutch, of Fremont, Ohio, says, "OK, I hate the Dallas Cowboys with a passion, but Abigail Klein is the hottest girl I've ever seen give her some love!" And David P., of New York City, says " Jimmy, I know she didn't get the fan vote last time, but here is the hottest cheerleader in the NFL -- or any league, for that matter!" And if all these cheerleader links aren't enough to get you through the weekend, has your 2009 NFC cheerleader directory.

He REALLY Likes To Tweet

It's good to see that Chad EightFive has his priorities straight. It seems in his world, it's Twitter 1, Football 2. The Bengals' wideout can't handle the fact that the NFL won't let him tweet during games, so he's come up with this plan. Each week, EightFive will fly out one of his followers. He'll then teach the follower a set of hand signals that EightFive will give him during a game. The follower will then tweet what Johnson is communicating via the hand signals.

In Broncos Land...

While Chad EightFive is preoccupied with Twitter, Brandon Marshall is preoccupied with being a major headache for the Denver Broncos. Speaking of the Broncos, they play the Bears on Sunday, when Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler will both face their former team. Now, on the field, everyone would agree Cutler gets the edge over Orton. But Orton comes out on top in another important matchup.

Doings In The Nation
Nick Green
Nick Green : AP

Everyone gets a kick out of it when a position player ends up pitching in a blowout. This happened last night when shortstop Nick Green took the mound for the Red Sox. What made this situation even more unusual was that Green pitched two innings. You can watch how Green fared here. Meanwhile, Dustin Pedroia's autobiography, Born to Play, was released last month, and among the revelations are that the second baseman started dropping the f-bomb at age 7.

Philly Fans At It Again

Based on this, I'd hate to see how Philly fans are going to celebrate if Michael Vick plays well throughout the season.
UPDATE: The mural has been washed away.

Bookmark Them

Allen, of College Station, Texas, sends in ... Tyler Stafford, of Bloomington, Ill., sends in ... JM, of Long Island, N.Y., sends in one that's been in Hot Clicks before, but it's so good, it needs to be in Hot Clicks again -- And Aaron, of N.Y., sends in a product that anyone who doesn't have children should buy.

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Loose Interpreation of "Celebs" And Sports

It's depressing that legit stars, such as Alyssa Milano get lumped in with a couple of the D-listers in this gallery of "celebs showing their sporty side."

Sports Video Of The Day
Shaq + Jimmy Kimmel + A game of Scrabble = Plenty of tomfoolery. Maybe even enough for this clip to make this list of Shaq's funniest moments.
Nail A Talk Show Host Video Of The Day
Andy Roddick also appeared on a late-night show yesterday. He got in a good line about being in Roger Federer's head and then fired off a 103-mph serve at David Letterman. Unfortunately, his wife, Brooklyn Decker, did not join him on the show.
Flag Mishap Video Of The Day
This video would be really stupid if it weren't for the rewinds and slo-mo replays.
Product Of The Day
Via comes the BottleTop, and I can't figure out if it's absurd or useful.
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