September 11, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Tennis Talk (Sort Of)
Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova : Tiziano Magni/SI
With the U.S. Open wrapping up this weekend, it would be shortsighted of me not to check in with the greatest women's tennis player of all time. And I'm happy to report that Anna Kournikova is still doing well -- very well. However, Anna did not make this list of the loudest tennis grunting videos ever.

Reports say Troy Polamalu could miss 3-6 weeks with a sprained MCL. Obviously, there is only one person to blame -- John Madden. If you don't believe me, check this out.

Speaking Of John Madden...

The legendary analyst will serve as a special advisor (with no pay) to NFL commissioner Roger Goddell. I'm sure Madden reads Hot Clicks on his bus, so I'd like to offer him some advice on what his first order of business should be. John, please tell the commish that offering blacked-out games on is completely and totally useless when the games won't be available until midnight of each Sunday. Thanks.

Best Time Of The MLB Season
David Price
David Price :: AP

And it's not because pennant races are heating up. It's because this is the time of year when veterans make rookies dress up in ridiculous outfits as a lighthearted hazing ritual. Above is Rays pitcher David Price, who, if he shaved, actually could've been a candidate for the lead photo in Hot Clicks.

Loud Mouths

Joe Wilson's outburst toward President Obama the other night has inspired Bleacher Report to look at the most famous hecklers in sports history.

More NFL Preview Links

Maya Angelou uses poetry to predict the 2009 season. ... America's White Boy explains why your team won't win the Super Bowl. ... Season predictions using Batman characters. ... Hottest NFL WAGs by position.

E-Mail Of The Day

Ryan Scopelliti, of Fairfield, Conn., says, "Jimmy, you've gotta put something funny up about how ridiculous the announcers were during last night's game. Not only were they blatantly rooting for the Steelers, but what was with [] Collinsworth and Polomalu??? Are they dating? It was ridiculous." I'm way ahead of you, Ryan.

This Will Get Season Pass Treatment

Hot Clicks has featured a couple of times and now there is this outstanding news: the Web site is being turned into a TV show.

Do You Still Need To Get In The Pool?

If you haven't joined Hot Clicks' NFL picks pool, do so now.

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Sports Video Of The Day
Via, check out Titans wide receiver Justin Gage having some fun at the expense of a Steelers fan.
Raiders Video Of The Day
Richard Seymour must be watching this on a loop these days. (Thanks to John, of Detroit, for the link.)
David Letterman Video Of The Day
We try to keep things light and fun in Hot Clicks, but the anniversary of Sept. 11 has to be acknowledged. David Letterman was the first television performer to return to the airwaves after the tragedy and his opening will never be forgotten.
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