September 07, 2007
1 Shaquille O'Neal

The Big Diesel filed for a big divorce from his wife Shaunie claiming that she has been "secretive about her assets." The only thing secretive about this much publicized divorce is the pre-nup he made his soon-to-be ex-wifey sign.

2 Kobe Bryant

Shaq's favorite teammate led Team USA to their best international showing since the 1990s and finally seems content with leading the Lakers back to the playoffs. By that we mean another low-seed finish and getting bounced in the first round by the Suns.

3 Spike Lee

The director took in a Yankees-Mariners game with his son, Jackson, and Brad Pitt and his son Maddox. Unfortunately Angelina Jolie was nowhere to be found during this boy's night out.

4 J.D. Washington

Denzel's running back son was cut by the St. Louis Rams but was signed back on to the team's practice squad. We have a feeling he'll be just fine if this whole football thing doesn't work out.
5 Appalachian State

The Mountainers are hot, hot hot. Not only did they become the first I-AA team to upset a ranked I-A team, but their bandwagon is overflowing with Ohio State fans who are buying up their merchandise left and right to show off to their Michigan buddies.

6 iPod

It's official. We crave anything that begins in a lower case "i." Next on our wish list is the new touch screen iPod, that can browse the Internet and download music wirelessly.

7 Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love is loving life at the moment. The Eagles are favored to win the NFC East, the Phillies are making a strong post-season push and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the funniest show on television, returns for a third season next week.

8 Shaun White

The Flying Tomato was flying high last week as he celebrated his 21st birthday at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas with Tony Hawk and a bevy of beauties. The only thing louder than the music was his skintight leopard pants.

9 Andy Roddick

So he got knocked out of the U.S. Open by Roger Federer? Who cares? It only means less time in Flushing Meadows and more time with Brooklyn Decker.

10 Allison Jaskowiak

There must be something about those USC women's basketball players. First, G Brynn Cameron has Matt Leinart's baby and now F Jaskowiak is getting married to Yankees P Ian Kennedy although their October wedding date is in peril since Kennedy may have to be on the mound instead of the altar.

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