March 12, 2010
And The Winner Is...
Brooklyn Decker :: SI

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The results of SI's Swimsuit Greatest Bracket Ever are in and the winner was the photo above. You can check out how the entire bracket played out here.
Conference Tournament Links
If you missed the end of the Cincinnati-West Virginia game, check out the highlights. And keep in mind that the Mountaineers' Da'Sean Butler called "bank" on the winner. And this sequence, capped off by Cal State Fullerton's Gerard Anderson dunk (and an explosion from the play-by-play man) from Wednesday's win against Cal State Northridge in the Big West tournament, should not be missed.
Let's Not Overreact
A couple of videos of former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach giving a profanity-laced speech to his team in the locker room have found their way onto the Internet. There's really nothing shocking or jaw-dropping about them, unless you are offended by the f-word. And, as one of my Twitter followers, @Markham55, pointed out, it's nothing compared to this masterpiece by Bobby Knight.
I Know, I Know
Lane Kiffin, Daniel Tosh :: Getty Images
When I led off yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks with a photo of comedian Daniel Tosh, I made a mental note to mention how he resembles Lane Kiffin. But because I'm a dope, I forgot to do that and my inbox became overstuffed with about the eerie similarity. "Have you ever seen Daniel Tosh and Lane Kiffin in the same room? I highly doubt it," said Dave Eng, of Thousand Oaks, Calif. "As a Tennessee grad, I was not happy to see Lane Kiffin at the top of Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks," said Brad Johnson, of Atlanta. And many, many more.
A Quiz About A Quiz
Since the Wonderlic scores leaked out earlier this week, Mental Floss has put together this quiz about the mysterious test given to NFL hopefuls.
Busy Guy
Last week, it was John Calipari bourbon. This week, it's a John Calipari Mustang.
Sports Video Of The Day
The Boston Bruins are known for making memorable commercials. Here is their latest.

Dancing With The Stars Video Of The Day
These guys get out of the water, run outside in 12-degree weather and then their hair freezes. It sounds bizarre and boring, but it's oddly intriguing.

Dancing With The Stars Video Of The Day
I'm only posting this because I liked the way Erin Andrews made fun of her partner's accent.

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