December 01, 2009
Candice Swanepoel :: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


This is what I get for watching the Fox NFL pregame show each Sunday. I totally missed Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel joining the NFL Today cast on CBS to make some picks and turn them into giggling teenagers just as they're hitting puberty. The best part of this cringe-worthy segment (besides Swanepoel's hotness) is that the model looks completely creeped out. Oh, and I guess I should mention that Swanepoel was on the NFL Today to promote the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which airs tonight. If you need a preview of the show, actually has -- and I'm serious here -- Victoria's Secret model power rankings!
Craigslist Post Of The Day
Nothing beats a good gambling story. (Warning: Link contains cursing.)
A Network Actually Listened To Fans?
Chip Caray and TBS have parted ways.
Serena's Subpar Seats
Serena Williams was fined $82,500 yesterday for threatening to shove a ball down a U.S. Open lineswoman's throat, but that didn't stop her from rocking out at a Green Day concert last night. While Serena could not have looked like she was having more fun, I have to wonder how she doesn't get front-row seats. She couldn't be farther away from the stage.
Tiger Watch
Tiger Woods fans :: David Cannon/Getty Images
Shortly after midnight, this landed in my inbox: "Jimmy, this is John Ziegler. For the past 14 years, I have been the 'Pastor' of the First Church of Tiger Woods (which I started on a radio show in Nashville) and for the past 10 I have run Due to the recent events (which I have written about extensively at the site), we are planning on disbanding the Web site and the First Church. While we haven't made it 'official' yet, if you take a look at it, is pretty clear where we are heading with things. Since SI has written numerous times about the site, I figured you might want to know what was going on as a gauge of fan reaction to this debacle." I'm not sure where we are heading with things and I'm not even sure I care. But I'll admit that this morning I read every word of this New York Post exclusive story titled, "Rachel Uchitel: The night I met Tiger Woods & my life spun out of control."
Ya Know, He IS 80 Years Old
Bobby Bowden is expected to announce his retirement today, and one person not taking the news well is former Seminole Darnell Dockett. In a series of tweets, Dockett said he was going to find a new team to root for, then he asked "who the hell is JUMBO [sic] FISHER" and then he threatened to redecorate his bedroom. (Warning: Tweets contain naughty words.)
Sunday Leftovers
Ray Rice has quickly become one of the must-see players in the NFL. (Full disclosure: Rice is on my fantasy team that's 11-1 in the league titled "Hal Sucks at Tennis.") The second-year running back from Rutgers can do it all and always seems to get better as games go on. However, his "ritual" with Ray Lewis does seem a bit odd. Meanwhile, Eric Mangini likes to scare referees and Jay Cutler doesn't like microphones. (Thanks to Chad, of Appleton, Wis., for both tips.)
E-Mail Of The Day
Cary Williams, of Winston-Salem, N.C., said, "Hey, Jimmy, first of all, let me say that I am a huge Hot Clicks fan and read it every day (twice a day now), but I'll get to the point. Me and my friend got in an argument the other day. He said that he would rather win his free fantasy football league than have his favorite team win the Super Bowl. Me and all my other friends disagreed 100 percent. Anyway, I was wondering if you could put up one of those poll things to see what percent of your readers would rather win their fantasy league than have their favorite team win the Super Bowl. Thanks." OK, I'm going to assume nobody would rather win a league with no monetary prize than see his/her favorite team win the Super Bowl, so this question is for those of you (I'll assume 99 percent of you) who play fantasy football for cash.

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Sports Video Of The Day
I don't want to oversell this, but this is simply one of the most unbelievable, surreal and craziest things you'll ever see. Click here after watching for more info on the incident. (Thanks to Michael D'Amore, of Windsor, Ontario, for the link.)

Commercial Of The Day
Fake? Yes. Cool? Yes.

Music Video Of The Day
Do you know any Twitter chicks? (Warning: Link contains strong language)

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