November 23, 2009
Your Newest WAG
Carrie Prejean :: AP

It seems that Rams quarterback Kyle Boller has a thing for, um, let's just say, controversial women. After being linked to Tara Reid, reports say he's now dating Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean. I'd make a joke about Prejean now having someone to take all those tapes with, but that might be in bad taste.
NFL Roundup
Who would've thought the game with the most action yesterday would've been Browns-Lions? Here's a great shot of Matthew Stafford literally running away from someone on the Lions' staff to go back in the game for the final play after getting crushed on the previous play. ... Dallas Clark had the touchdown catch of the day. ... The Internet can't contain its excitement over the fact that Devin Hester's bare bottom was exposed on national television last night. (Warning: Link contains photo of Hester's bare bottom.) ... A Ravens cheerleader breaks down a tough home loss to the Colts.
College Football Roundup
Dear Les Miles: Just so you know, there are many cameras at football games these days. Therefore, you can't lie and say you didn't call for a spike play when we can all clearly see you call for a spike play. (Thanks to Ryan Brady, of Atlanta, for the link.) ... This is how bad things have gotten for Rich Rodriguez: Fans of his most heated rival held up a sign saying they loved him -- and a Michigan fan ripped it down. (Thanks to Curtis Gardner Jr., of Cleveland, for the link.) ... GameDay signs from Arizona. ... Joe Paterno had the quote of the weekend.
Not-So-Great Nate
Nate Robinson :: Jennifer Pottheiser/Getty Images
My explanation of this link can't do it justice. Just click on it and bask in the glow of the 2009-10 New York Knicks.
Betting DOES Pay
Here's a great story from the Los Angeles Times about Las Vegas sports books' losing $8.5 million during Week 7 of the NFL season. From the story: "'Every sports book director in this town was on their knees crying uncle,'" said Jay Kornegay, director of the Las Vegas Hilton's race and sports book. "'Black Sunday,'" he called it, his worst in 22 years, noting he paid $3,000 to a 65-year-old woman holding five $2 NFL parlay bets."
Random Links
The top 10 David Beckham hairdos. ... A vicious and nasty hit from a CFL game yesterday. ... Marv Albert says his reported feud with 50 Cent has been totally overblown.
Ridiculous Product, Great Reviews
Andy Gavrin, of Woburn, Mass., and R.D., of Hollywood, Calif., alert us to the Laptop Steering-Wheel Desk. You must scroll down and read the reviews.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Kobe Bryant causally nailed the jump shot featured below last night -- from behind the backboard! And for more over-the-backboard shots, check out this piece from
Mashup Video Of The Day
Lady Gaga vs. Christopher Walken vs. Cartman in a Poker Face battle. (Thanks to Mike, of Canton, Ohio, for the link.)
Accused Criminal Video Of The Day
Did this guy eat the evidence? It sure looks like he ate the holdup note he had used earlier. (Thanks to Paul Dollahite, of Fort Worth, Texas, for the link.)

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