June 18, 2012
Love This Guy!
U.S. Open heckler :: AP

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After Webb Simpson won the U.S. Open yesterday, he joined Bob Costas for the obligatory post-tournament interview. Between Tiger Woods not winning the tournament (more on that below) and the interview taking place during the Heat-Thunder game, this probably would have gone down as a ho-hum interview that no one would remember. However, all that changed when the nutjob above decided to interject with one of the great videobombs you'll ever see.
Speaking Of The U.S. Open...
Tiger Woods last won a major in 2008. Then, in the early morning hours of Nov. 27, 2009, the golfer drove his SUV into a fire hydrant. That incident led to the world finding out about Woods' many infidelities, which landed him in "sex rehab." Fast forward to 2012 and the media is yearning for Tiger to be "back." Based on the reaction to Woods winning the Memorial a couple of weeks ago, you would've thought he cured cancer. Things intensified at the U.S. Open Thursday and Friday after Tiger got off to a strong start. However, he struggled Saturday and collapsed Sunday, and now we can just sit back and laugh at all these "Tiger is back" stories.
Here's The Kicker
Tennis player David Nalbandian was disqualified from the finals of the Queen's Club tournament (he was leading at the time) yesterday after kicking a sign that ended up injuring an offical. As if that wasn't wild enough, police are actually investigating an assault complaint against Nalbandian for the incident.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Cassie Scerbo :: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
I've never heard of Regard Magazine, but actress Cassie Scerbo just did this photoshoot for it.
This young fan wasn't phased by how sweaty LeBron James' headband was last night. After the Heat forward walked off the court following Miami's Game 3 win, he handed her the headband and she quickly put it on.
Gross Injury Of The Day
Watch what beach soccer can do to your knee.
Commercial Of The Day
The third installment of New Era's commercials starring Nick Offerman (Parks & Rec) and Craig Robinson (The Office) has just been released.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
The late night host sent his trusty security guard, Guillermo, to Media Day at the NBA Finals. Among his antics was questioning Thunder guard James Harden about his beard. Harden did not seem amused.

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