May 14, 2010
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Collien Fernandes :: Barbara Stiller/Getty Images

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Collien Fernandes is a German TV presenter (whatever that means) and more importantly, today's LLOD.
Sleeping On The Job
Keith Hernandez fell asleep while broadcasting a Mets game.

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Just A Bit... Short
Olympian Shawn Johnson had this week's first pitch fail.

Injury Of The Week
The Canucks Sami Salo took a puck right where you don't want to take a puck.

Politician Flub Of The Week
Boston mayor Thomas Menino should brush up on his Jason Varitek facts next time.

Before Dancing With The Stars...
Erin Andrews boogied on an infomercial.

You Can't Say That On TV
Maria Menounos shocked the folks at ESPN when she described her "trash" talking.

Tuning Out The Coach
Nate Robinson has no use for Doc Rivers' words during a time out.

Anything For Charity
Kansas coach Bill Self loves disco.

News Blooper Of The Week
Is she enjoying what?

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