May 25, 2009
By Andy Gray
Danica Gets the Bronze
Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick :: Marlena Bielinska/SI

Jimmy is out today checking out photos of his favorite team and the not-so-good looking girls they hang out with, but he'll be back tomorrow. Meanwhile, Danica Patrick put in her best performance at the Indianapolis 500 yesterday, finishing third (out of 33 cars). So in honor of Danica, and our troops overseas who want to see a half-naked female Indycar racers, here is Ms. Patrick looking her absolute hottest.

Babes of the French Open

The French Open kicked off yesterday and has the event covered. Coed Magazine, meanwhile, has galleries of all the French Open babes, including the eye-popping Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark and Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia.

Honoring the Troops
Ted Williams
Ted Williams :: AP
Today is Memorial Day, a time to honor our overseas troops. Above is a picture of Ted Williams, who is one of many athletes who have served in the military. Its also worth taking a few minutes out of your day to read this account of Pat Tillman's heroics in Afghanistan. Or you can just look at this photo gallery of hot chicks in military gear.
Stick to the Music

Manofest has weighed in with their list of 10 Worst Performances by a rapper in a movie. I couldn't disagree more with their top choice -- Vanilla Ice in Cool as Ice. I rewatched it recently and it has earned the "so bad it's actually pretty good" status. I mean, check out this scene and tell me you don't want to see more.

Random Links I Liked

The Nationals can't do anything right, including spelling an ex-president's name correctly on a bobblehead ... John Daly wore pink pants to show support for Phil Mickelson's wife, Amy, who is battling breast cancer ... It's only a matter of time before sports fans realize that Cleveland Cavalier guard Delonte West is the nation's most entertaining athlete ... There is a topless doughnut bar in Maine ... A woman in an Atlantic City casino set a record for longest craps roll (4 hours and 18 minutes). And it was her second time ever playing Craps ... If you're a baseball fan wondering which city to move to, Buffalo was declared the best city for hardball fans.

Great Moments in Jackets

This is either the coolest or lamest jacket I've ever seen. I can't tell.

Get More Goodies
Ronaldo Video Of The Day

I can't believe Ronaldo may get punished for this tiny-hair pulling incident below. I mean, if you're going to cheap shot someone, do it the right way as Albert Haynesworth did two seasons ago.

Bus Racing Video Of The Day

This looks like fun.

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