April 23, 2010
Since It's Hot Clicks' Birthday...
Derek Jeter; Minka Kelly :: Kevin Kane/Getty Images

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I had to lead off with two people who have provided me with tons of material, Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter. Jeter recently gave this interview to The Insider, in which he reveals his celebrity crush. The answer will surprise you.
Site For The Speedy And Slow
Tater Trot Tracker is a great new Web site dedicated to keeping track of how long it takes players to round the bases after hitting a home run.
Best. Celebration. Ever.
This is the stuff we're missing out on thanks to the NFL and college football having absurdly strict rules about excessive celebrations.
Lovely Lady Of the Day
Scarlett Johansson :: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images
Mike, of Milwaukee, says, "I have never sent an e-mail in before, but decided to today. The NFL Draft last night was a total bust for me. For seven years my buddy and I had a draft party, but then with the change in date and time this year we couldn't work out the details because both of us live in different states and couldn't justify taking off of work for it. So we decided to forgo the party this year until he moves back closer. Then I decided to watch at home, but when I get home from work, I found out that the construction crew working on an outdoor patio cut the cable line, which included the Internet, and I couldn't even watch. My car was out of commission so I had to bike into town 40 minutes one way in order to watch the draft. It was going to be worth it, however, because I had made a bet, for $150, with a friend four years ago that Jimmy Clausen would be a first-round draft choice. Everything looked great until the Redskins traded for McNabb, which made me really nervous. But then things started to look good again until last night when the Vikings traded their pick to the Lions. I was so angry that I couldn't even watch the last two picks of the first round and hopped on my bike and went home. Moral of the story: 2010 NFL Draft = Worst Ever."

Despite laughing at Mike's e-mail, I took pity on him and let him pick today's LLOD. He made the fine choice of Scarlett Johansson.

Planting The Seeds
Want to have the grass used at Major League ballparks as your front lawn? You're in luck.
Disgusting Discrimination
Since banned commercials are a Hot Clicks staple, I feel it's my duty to inform of you of this very important story.
In case you missed it, we celebrated Hot Clicks third anniversary in today's A.M. Hot Clicks. And if you haven't joined the Hot Clicks Facebook page, you need to do so now. Same thing with Twitter.
Sports Video Of The Day
Lawrence Taylor doesn't remember much from the day he was drafted. Here's why.

Saved By The Bell Video Of The Day
Steve, of Tallahassee, Fla., says, "Jimmy, so a few days ago I'm reliving some great Saved by the Bell moments on YouTube and I discovered this brilliant piece on perhaps the greatest SBTB guest character ever, Rod Belding. Coincidentally, Ed Blatchford (the actor that played Rod) is an uncle of one of my friends. So I sent my friend the link, and he informed me that Rod himself has in fact seen the video and gave it the thumbs up. Honestly, it's a crime that this video only has 11,000 views and I'm hoping you can post it on Hot Clicks and give it the publicity it deserves."

Wheel Of Fortune Video Of The Day
Mike, of Chattanooga, Tenn., wrote in after seeing the Wheel of Fortune fail video in Hot Clicks the other day and said, "Yeah, but here is a NON-Fail on Wheel of Fortune.

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