October 15, 2012
Wrapping Up The Weekend
Wes Welker :: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

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Guyism.com has the top 20 GIFs from the weekend while SportsPickle.com shows us what NFL.com would look like today if the site used honest headlines.
Bizarre Injury Of The Day
Timberwolves forward Kevin Love hurt his elbow sleeping. (Thanks to Steven, of Saint Louis Park, Minn., for the link.)
Random Links
Giants reliever Sergio Romo photobombed Erin Andrews during Sunday's NLCS game. ... Golden State Warriors rookies sang a bunch of songs for a crowd that came to watch Saturday's practice. The playlist:I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys, the Jackson Five's ABC and Biggie's Juicy. ... A South Carolina fan was arrested for mooning LSU fans during Saturday's game.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Lilian Queiroz :: Brian Killian/WireImage
Brazilian model Lilian Queiroz gets today's LLOD honors.
Twitter In A Nutshell
Few people on earth crave attention as much as Donald Trump. That makes Twitter the perfect place for the carnival barker because you also have a group of people there just waiting to pounce on anyone and everyone. This perfect storm came together today when the blowhard tweeted that Derek Jeter broke his ankle because he just moved out of a Trump apartment complex. Naturally, Trump found plenty of people to get in the gutter with him.
Sports Video Of The Day
Minnesota running back Donnell Kirkwood got hit so hard by a Northwestern player Saturday that the decal flew off his helmet. (Thanks to John Palmersheim of Minneapolis, for the video.)

Cat Video Of The Day
This feline managed to get in a jar, but not out.

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