June 11, 2010
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Erin McNaught. :: Mike Flokis/Getty Images

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Dan DeRosalia, of Selden, N.Y., says, "J-Train, I've never seen Australian beauty Erin McNaught in Hot Clicks and I think you need to fix this transgression." I couldn't possibly agree more.
Programming Note
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Can We See ID?
This young Phillies fan enjoyed an adult beverage.

Anarchy In The Booth
This announcer got a tad excited during last week's Auburn-Clemson game.

These Guys Have To Be Happy
This was filmed before the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.

The classic Phil Collins song, Sussudio, gets a remake.

Wake Up!
This kid dozed off during President Obama's commencement speech.

Tech Support People Don't Have Easy Jobs
Google recently confused this woman by putting Pac Man on its homepage.

This Is Not Fake
A wrestler punches a fan who tried to pull off his mask in the face.

He's Very Passionate
Check out the drummer.

Hard-Hitting Reporting
Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live asks a bunch of Celtics and Lakers questions about Sex and the City 2.

Ralph Rules!
This FunnyOrDie.com video starring Ralph Macchio is a must-watch for any Karate Kid fan.

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