April 02, 2010
Cheerleaders Of The Final Four
NCAA cheerleaders :: Getty Images/Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

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Before you check out Butler, Duke, Michigan State and West Virginia on the court Saturday, you might want to see what they have going on on the sidelines.
More Tourney Links
Here are Duke's top 10 most-detested moments. ... What would this year's tournament look like if college basketball implemented college football's BCS system? ... They won't cut down the nets on Monday night???
A Failure To Communicate
Everyone is up in arms because all indications are that the NCAA tournament will expand the field from 64 to 96 teams. To quote my buddy Diesel via his Facebook page, "This is a disgrace to life." Anyway, sportswriter John Feinstein is also not a fan of this news, which led to this surreal exchange between him and NCAA vice president Greg Shaheen.
iPad Mania
iPad :: JoeSportsFan.com
One guy has been on line for the iPad, which comes out Saturday, since Tuesday. The best comedy on TV, Modern Family, dedicated this week's episode to the iPad. David Letterman played with one on last night's Late Show. And for you sports fans, JoeSportsFan.com has this extensive report on iPad sports apps.
Barkley Flips The Bird On TV
Ernie Johnson asked Charles Barkley to show him his fingers last night. The result was pretty much what you'd expect. The best part of the clip, however, is Johnson's reaction. He knew he was asking for trouble.
History Lesson
With the baseball season starting Sunday, here's the breakdown of how the league's 30 teams got their names.
Sports Video Of The Day
The NHL plays the Mighty Ducks card in its new playoff commercial. (Thanks to Tyler, of Pittsburgh, for the link.)

UPDATE, 12:51: This is fake. I'm an idiot.

Baseball Bunch Video Of The Day
The start of baseball season always makes me nostalgic about my youth and makes me think about things I loved about the sport when I was kid. At the top of the list is the Baseball Bunch. So, in honor of Opening Day on Sunday night (even though the "real" Opening Day is Monday and the Sunday-night game is just a poorly conceived TV event), I give you this.

News Video Of The Day
Ahhh, local news ... where they run stories about a woman who wants to weight 1,000 pounds and then laugh about it uncontrollably on the air.

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