July 29, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Party Paradise
The Princeton Review thinks Florida's the nation's top party school. :: AP

The Princeton Review's latest list of the top 20 party schools is here, and Florida finished on top. But Randolph-Macon College came in at No. 6 and the University of New Hampshire came in at No. 11, while Arizona, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin and UCLA (to name a few) were left off the list. The Sports Culture was so outraged it came up with its own rebuttal list, and Randolph-Macon is nowhere to be seen.

The Elite Eight

The Love of Sports is ranking the top eight quarterbacks heading into the upcoming college football season, and while putting Tim Tebow at No. 1 won't raise any eyebrows, some of the other inclusions (Appalachian State's Armanti Edwards comes in at No. 2) and omissions (Georgia's Matt Stafford didn't make the cut) might surprise you.

The Keys to Your Survival

College football is only one month away. You've made it this far, but have you ever wondered how? Next Round's taking a look at the eight ways college football fans make it through the dreary pigskin-free months -- and yes, alcohol is on the list.

The Bad and the Ugly
These Oregon uniforms are the definition of unfortunate. :: AP

Since the Oregon Ducks have approximately 9,374 football uniform combinations, you'd think at least one would look good. You'd be wrong, however. That's why the Ducks top Campus Squeeze's list of the 11 ugliest college football uniforms. Apparently there were too many potential inclusions to cap the list at 10.

iTunes U

"At Apple's iTunes online store, Britney Spears and Shakespeare are separated by just a few clicks." That tells you everything you need to know about Apple's iTunes U, where patrons can get audio and video downloads of classroom lectures. Nothing ruins a jam session like a Bio-Chem lecture popping up on shuffle, but this is undoubtedly a great tool for those who are too busy (read: too lazy) to go to class.

Facebook Fallacies

You might consider the Facebook profile a veritable fount of personal information, but Banned in Hollywood is here with a reality check -- our pages are all full of lies.

Protect This House

Texas A&M's "12th Man" tradition is one of the best in sports, which is why Aggie fans made sure a "Home of the 12th man" home-field advantage system that all teams could use was kept out of the new NCAA Football game.

Dumb Arrest(s) of the Day

Dumb Arrest Land is an embarrassment of riches today, folks. Busted Coverage alone has news of five arrests, while Deadspin (and every other blog) has a post on the two UVA football players who were arrested for stealing booze from a gay bar. And let's not forget about Arkansas sophomore wide receiver Marques Wade, who got drunk, drove and almost hit a cop.

Pop Culture Nugget

Harold and Kumar are coming back for round three.

Today In Hot Clicks
Stacey Keibler :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Stacey Keibler and other dream Olympians ... The top 20 baseball quotes of all-time ... Top Olympic mascots ... Brady Quinn's new lady ... Heidi Watney and other sideline hotties.

Odds and Ends

Rutgers stadium-expansion plans are in jeopardy, so say goodbye to Greg Schiano ... The PostSecret founder is going on a college tour ... Think South Florida has enough football posters? ... A very enjoyable Comic-Con photo gallery.

Balloon Launch Gone Wrong

When watching this, keep in mind that each of these balloons is supposed to represent an orphaned child.

Mountain Bike Stunts

And you thought peddling without holding the handlebars was impressive.

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