June 28, 2011
Jim Leyland :: AP

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Here's what you do: Get a drink. Get a snack. Click this link. Sit back, relax and watch the show Tigers manager Jim Leyland put on last night when he was ejected from Detroit's game against Toronto. (Thanks to Dan Mickelson, of West Bloomfield, Mich., for the link.)
Good Use Of Taxpayer Money?
I'll just pull the first sentence of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's story for this ridiculous item: "The city of Pittsburgh will hold a rally at noon Thursday to honor Hines Ward's victory in ABC-TV's Dancing with the Stars competition."
Photo Of The Day
Carlton Mitchell is a wide receiver for the Browns. He had one catch for nine yards in 2010. The lockout has hit him hard.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Heather Mitts :: Simon Bruty/SI
For about a week now, numerous readers have e-mailed to request that Alex Morgan and/or Heather Mitts from the U.S. women's soccer team make an appearance in Hot Clicks. The requests were usually positive, except for the following e-mail from Rich S., of Seaford, N.Y., who said, "Since we are going to be brainwashed by the media for the next few weeks into thinking that we care about women's soccer, could you just make it bearable by featuring the super-hot Heather Mitts?" Personally, I think the media brainwashes us to care about a lot of stuff (Hey, can't wait for the International Hot Dog Eating Contest this weekend!), but let's put this one to a vote.

NHL Players as Kids
That is the name and theme of this amusing Tumblr blog. (Thanks to Garrett, of Santa Rosa, Calif., for the link.)
No Surprise Here
Sacramento fans have caught Jimmer fever.
Sports Video Of The Day
This video was uploaded to YouTube in February, but it doesn't have many views and I never saw it before this morning. It's Tiger Woods' latest transgression -- waking up a baby. (Thanks to Paolo Rivera, of Manila, for the link.)

Good Friend Video Of The Day
If you've ever been in the back of a police car, you know that there's nothing you'd like more than a friend to come along and let you out. (Thanks to Juan Paez, of Honolulu, for the link.)

Best Man Speech Video Of The Day
Chris Milkovich, of Newburgh, N.Y., says, "Hey, Jimmy, I love Hot Clicks and check it twice daily! Here is a link to the best man speech I delivered over the weekend for my best friend John's wedding. Hope you enjoy it as much as the crowd did." I did enjoy it. The song was solid and very original. However, I still think the best man speech I gave at my friend PT's wedding was better. I used props.

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