February 15, 2008
The Links
Shape Up

Jaren Lorezen :: Getty Images
Mondesi House has come up with a solid list of the Top 10 Most Out of Shape Athletes.
Speaking Of Out-Of-Shape Athletes...
Babes Love Baseball calls out Josh Beckett for being out of shape, but the best part is that they linked to Weird Al's video of Fat.
This has to be one of the rougher days in recent times for most members of the media. They thought they finally had Barry Bonds, but the euphoria only lasted a short while. Some outlets reported Thursday night that Bonds failed a drug test in 2001, but it turns out the story wasn't true. It was an erroneous story based on a typo.
The Soapy Suns
Great find by Sportscolumn.com. In one of the more creative videos we've seen in a while, check out what happens when you mash up a Suns press conference with Days of our Lives. And make sure you stick around for Shaq's appearance at the 1:25 mark.
This Would've Spiced Up The Hearings
Roger Clemens should've easily remembered being at the infamous Jose Canseco barbecue. It seems that's where his wife and Jose's wife compared their new, um, assets. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Our Last Item Ever About The Hearings
After that one Congresswoman embarrassed herself by holding up the four pictures of Clemens, we think another Congressperson should've countered with this revealing video.
Erin Andrews, Erin Andrews, Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews :: Courtesy: http://www.the-ozone.net
The Big Lead was impressed after hearing Andrews during a recent radio interview. Mac G continues to get lucky by having his users send him great photos of Andrews. And Boiled Sports shares all the details of their recent encounter with the popular sideline reporter.
Zach Attacked
With Zach Thomas being released by the Dolphins, Scott Van Pelt Style is looking at some of the worst things to happen to folks named Zach.
Calling All Degenerates (A.K.A. Our Friends)
If you plan on betting the Slam Dunk Contest, make sure you do the proper scouting by reading this report by Vegas Watch.
Move Over HGH And Steroids
The Deuce of Davenport has the scoop on what could be next big performance-enhancing substance in sports -- extreme jelly beans. Yes, Jelly Belly has created the Extreme Sports Beans, which are caffeinated jelly beans "enhanced" with Vitamins B and C, carbohydrates and electrolytes.
Today in Campus Clicks
Bad Times in Bloomington ... The 53-year-old college outfielder ... Nothing says Valentine's Day like getting married at White Castle ... Dickie V. loves Duke ... The Best Sandwiches in America ... Video: LSU's Demetrius Byrd races a bicycle ... more.
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Videos of the Day
The Diesel Sings
Check out this old video of Shaq putting his spin on the Cheers theme song.

News Blooper Of The Day
This weatherman might want to get his job title changed ASAP.

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