March 11, 2008
The Links
So Much Swimsuit Controversy

Anne V :: Steve Erle/SI
First, we had a blogger complaining about being forced to look at porn while at work (as if that's a bad thing). Then we found out a Denver airport was blocking from being accessed by Wi-Fi users because of "provocative" content. We'd think airports would have more important things to worry about, but whatever.

But now we have a story that tops them all. An organization called Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest has organized a letter-writing campaign protesting SI's use of chimpanzees and bears in the Swimsuit Issue. The SI mail department has been inundated with a whopping 20 letters so far.
Maybe The Boston Globe Should Be Banned, Too
Via Andy Gray, the man behind Campus Clicks, comes this photo gallery from the recent Patriots cheerleader auditions.
A Peek Into Brady's Life
We'll let You Been Blinded handle this next item. They say, "A nude photo of Gisele Bundchen is set to be auctioned on April 10 at Christie's in New York. You can settle down right now because the picture is expected to go for $30,000-40,000."
A New Formula
The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes say they're "going beyond the 'at risk crappy team makes good, beats better team,' 'black people and white people both play sports, but what happens if they are on the same team?' and 'androgynous boy/girl dresses in drag and scores soccer goals' formulas" to come up with themes for the next wave of great sports movies. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Superman Really Can Fly
This is a few days old, but we first saw it this morning. Shaq flies into the stands and nearly takes out a whole row. The Sports Hernia has a full report on the incident.
So Many Sinners

Ron Artest, Oscar De La Hoya
From "Thou shall not create a rap/rock/blues/jazz/etc. album" to, "Thou shall not get caught harming animals for fun," Deuce of Davenport has come up with the Seven Deadly Sins of Sports.
Watch Out, Boston!
The Yankees have bolstered their roster by adding ... Billy Crystal. Meanwhile, We Should Be GMs think the Phillies should counter this move by inking the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
Soccer Scandal, Part I
The Real Madrid soccer team was duped by a Nicolas Cage impersonator. We were wondering why anyone would want to impersonate Nicolas Cage, but then we realized the scam wouldn't work if you tried to be a more popular actor.
Soccer Scandal, Part II
Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has spent a ton of money buying his own replica jerseys to show his teammates that he's a fan favorite.
Still The Wild Thing
Former major league reliever Mitch Williams was thrown out of a basketball game for cursing at an official -- his daughter's fifth-grade basketball game.
Celebrating In Style
Rumors and Rants celebrates the return of Friday Night Lights by giving us a slew of pics of the show's women.
Today in Campus Clicks
Cheering up the 0-18 Beavers ... Great facial pic ... Five All-Time Best Coaching Rants ... We want a Speedo battle ... Video: Alabama fan trashes Tennessee ... more.
Win $2,500
It's not too early for March Madness games. If you predict the Final Four correctly in SI's Bracket Challenge on Facebook, you could win $2,500. And, while we're talking Facebook, if you haven't joined the Hot Clicks group, now is the time do so.
Videos of the Day
Sports Video Of The Day
We've mentioned that we love WFAN's Mike and the Mad Dog. What we love even more, and this comes courtesy of the always-entertaining, is when a live show has technical difficulties and a mini-fight breaks out on the air.

Old-School Commercial Of The Day
Mike Tyson's Punchout -- featuring Mike Tyson at a time when companies actually used him as spokesman and put him in ads. (Thanks to Andrew of Charlottesville, Va., for sending us the link).

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