April 02, 2008
The Links
Which MLB team has the best-looking fan base?

Anne V :: Joanne Gair/SI
Shoutmouth.com says, "Using many highly scientific methods, we measured the attractiveness of each MLB fan base and, with the help of some groundbreaking new technology, determined which fans' good looks really pushed their club to the next level. So yeah, we basically scanned the Internet for pictures of hot chicks in baseball shirts." Sounds good to us! Here's the link.
Let Me Hear You!
All Balls celebrates baseball's opening week by revealing The 10 Greatest Celebrity Renditions Of Take Me Out To The Ballgame.
Fox Is An F-Word To This Blogger
Normally, it's ESPN that gets sports fans all up in arms. But Speaking In Tongue Sports takes on another network and gives us 50 Reasons Why Fox Sports Sucks.
Avery Impressive
The New York Daily News reported that New York Ranger Sean Avery's name and private cell phone number are in the little black book of a Manhattan madam. Unfortunately for us, that story broke over the weekend, so we couldn't do much on it. Fortunately for us, Epic Carnival has taken some initiative and compiled this list -- with photos -- of The Women of Sean Avery. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Truly Amazing

Dustin Carter :: George Tiedemann/GT Images/SI
Dustin Carter had to have each of his limbs amputated when he was 5 years old after contracting a rare, life-threatening blood disorder. But this didn't stop him from joining the Hillsboro (Ohio) High wrestling team. Oh, and his career record? 41-3! Here's a gallery of Carter in action, and here's video.
Gus Gets Down
We had no idea when we interviewed Gus Johnson last week that he was a huge ABBA fan. We would've liked to ask him how often he signs Dancing Queen. By the looks of it in this must-see video, the answer must be pretty often.
Heavy Mettle
Who are the 25 toughest athletes in sports? SI.com tackled that question and came up with this list.
Make This Your Mission This Season
There are a few things that any self-respecting baseball fan needs to do at some point in his or her life. Right at the top of the list is seeing a game at Wrigley Field and then hitting the Cubby Bear afterward. If you need any incentive to do this, check out this gallery of photos on TheHeckler.com, a fan site that covers Chicago sports, from the "100th Annual Next Year Day Celebration."
One More Thing About The Cubs
Far be it for us to criticize anyone for making a grammatical error, but we have to assume the person who worked on this statue might have just come from the Cubby Bear before going to work.
Today in Campus Clicks
BSU football team, topless and covered in baby oil ... Syracuse professor takes a stand on texting ... SIOC Police Blotter ... Rich Rodriguez -- Ladies Man ... The Evolution of UMass ... Video: Seven-year-old billiards prodigy.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Tennis player Mikhail Youzhny didn't like losing a point. So he hit himself on the forehead with his racket and made himself bleed.

Music Video Of The Day
Some genius out there gives Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the Matt Damon/Sarah Silverman treatment. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Rick Roll Video Of The Day
Reid, of Austin, Texas, sends us this clip that features a very young Rick Astley fan.

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