June 05, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Celebrity Wrestling Lineup
Nikki Ziering :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Nikki Ziering, who was part of the most memorable scene in American Wedding (which we can't link to here, but look it up on YouTube) is proving to be quite the athlete. First, she participated in those Lingerie Bowls (that's where the above picture is from) and now she'll be one of the participants in Hulk Hogan's new reality show, Celebrity Championship Wrestling. Among the other folks on the roster, which can be found here, are Todd Bridges, Dustin Diamond a.k.a., Screech, and Tiffany. Yes, this Tiffany.

Betting Pays In More Ways Than One

We can't really explain the following story in this short space, so just check this out, but basically a man who had terminal cancer made a bet with a bookmaker that he'd stay alive.

Time For A Romo-Simpson Update

Big shocker (if you believe US Magazine) -- Jessica Simpson's dad is annoying the crap out of Tony Romo. Tony, you've had you fun. Get out now. There are plenty of other hot celebrities out there.

Lakers-Celtics Links Galore
Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett: Getty Images

Mental Floss has your Lakers-Celtics quiz. ... Barstool Sports has a "Guess Who Said It: Phil Jackson, A dumb Hollywood actor or Ty Webb from Caddyshack" quiz. ... Just Rub Some Sugar On It says the finals are all about the mustaches. ... Complex.com has all the info you'll need on Kevin Garnett ... And this link has all the Lakers-Celtics YouTubes you'll ever want.

Big Payoff For Big Brown

As if winning the Triple Crown won't be enough motivation for Big Brown, how about this, straight from the New York Daily News: "And if Big Brown makes it to the winner's circle, he will be greeted by busty Hooters girls in tightfitting T-shirts."

Big Video Game News

RBI Baseball is coming to Xbox. (Thanks to Richard, of Los Angeles, for sending us the link.)

Fun With Photos

Well, it's not really fun, but PartMule.com has a collection of must-see pics that show people in situations that couldn't have ended well. On a related note, OTBeach.com looks at 10 Completely Insane Activities Probably Not Covered By Insurance.

The Real Plan For Joba

The Yankees have big plans for the reliever-turned-starter.

Today In Campus Clicks
Madonna :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

MLB Draft -- TV and Movie Edition ... Taryne Mowatt wants to be a sideline reporter ... Funniest College Student in America ... Rose Bowl vs. Lee Corso ... Duke and Bathrooms ... Video: Salesman of the Day Video.

New Videos On Our Facebook Page

We just put up two new videos that must be seen. You can join the group here.

Sports Video Of The Day

This has been everywhere, so forgive us for being late. But we can watch these videos of security guards chasing fans all day long.

The Office Video Of The Day

Yesterday, we featured two unbelievable videos of a guy flipping out in his office. We're going in a different direction today, giving you The Office: Jim vs. Dwight. (Thanks to Zac, of Muskegon, Mich., for sending us the link.)

Slip-And-Slide Video Of The Day

It's supposed to be 90 degrees in New York this weekend. We want everyone to go to the beach and try this. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Music Video Of The Day

Russ Hager, of Sioux Falls, S.D., sent this in, and at the beginning, we didn't know what the hell was going on, but we actually got into it the more we watched it, especially the guy playing drums on the stove.

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