June 19, 2007
The Links
Little Tiger is Born

Elin Woods.:: Stuart Franklin/Getty Images
Combine mom's looks with dad's golf game and you have the perfect baby -- Sam Alexis Woods -- who was born yesterday to Tiger and Elin Woods. And wouldn't you know, Sam's future golf coach is readying himself for a big payday.
Agent Wants More Zeroes On His Contract
Gilbert Arenas, one of the handful of professional athletes who serve as their own agent, did his best Latrell Sprewell imitation in explaining why he's opting out of his contract and becoming a free agent. Sprewell famously turned down a three-year, $21 million contract extension from Minnesota in 2004 because, as he put it: "I have a family to feed."
RJ Finds A Wife
If Richard Jefferson already played his last game with the Nets, nobody can say he didn't get all he could out of his six years in New Jersey. Two appearances in the NBA Finals, six straight years in the playoffs and one engagement to a former Nets dancer. RJ and Kesha Nichols (who is now a member of the Sugar & Spice Dance Troupe) haven't set a date, but the engagement should stop certain rumors from spreading.
Don't Stop Believing
Just when you think you've seen every parody of last week's Sopranos finale, the Pittsburgh Pirates come and blow everyone else out of the water with this skit starring the team's mascot, Pirate Parrot.
Predicting Kobe

Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen.:: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images
You gotta feel bad for Ray Allen. He spends half his career in one basketball wasteland (Milwaukee) before being traded to another (Seattle). And he's no dummy either. In 2004, he predicted Kobe Bryant would realize that he can't win a title without Shaq and would one day demand a trade. Though if this video is ever released, Kobe will have much bigger problems than Ray Allen.
The next time you're really frustrated with your golf game, take solace in the fact that one of your bad shots didn't start a brush fire that nearly took out a big chunk of a Nevada golf course.
Video of the Day
Bern, Baby, Bern
Bernie Williams performs with The Allman Brothers in NYC:
She's Got Legs
Carmen Electra dancing to ZZ Top at the Spike TV Guy Awards. Enough said.
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