August 07, 2007
The Links
Kitten Beats Cougar

Amanda Salinas :: Getty Images
Tennis player Mark Philippoussis picked 26-year-old Amanda Salinas (above) over 48-year-old Jen Braff in last night's finale of Age of Love. We're so shocked!
Rad Rides
The blogosphere has been busy uncovering photos of athletes' cars. Our favorite is Darius Miles' vehicle. Darren McFadden comes in at a close second, while Alfonso Soriano brings up the rear.
Blasts From The Past
With Pacman Jones making his TNA debut on Thursday, Six Pack Sports looks back (with YouTubes) at other athletes who have stepped into the squared circle.
Has He Ever Heard Of eBay?
We are HUGE fans of New York's popular sports radio duo, Mike and the Mad Dog. However, this story is a head-scratcher. The guy who caught Alex Rodriguez's 500th home run ball doesn't know what to do with the souvenir. So he's seeking the advice of the talk show hosts and wants them to tell him what to do with the ball.
Blame It On The Clear

Milli Vanilli :: Getty Images recently posted this Tale of the Tape between Barry Bonds and Darth Vader. The Sports Yenta goes in another direction and compares the slugger to Milli Vanilli.
You Knew This Was Coming
Need a gift for your dog? How about the Michael Vick chew toy?
One Of A Kind
Joe Sports Fan looks back at one of the most frightening trends that hit sports in the early '90s: Zubaz pants.
No. 1 Villain
Remember the rugby player who had a tooth stuck in his head for three months? He's got nothing on this woman, who had a pencil stuck in her head for 55 years.
Videos of the Day
This Should Get You Pumped Up For Football
A new Nike commercial starring LaDainian Tomlinson.
Hulk Hogan Sings...
In this old commercial that aired in Japan.

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