September 04, 2007
The Links
Randy Andy

Brooklyn Decker :: Pamela Hanson/SI
The New York Daily News reports that Andy Roddick isn't just focused on winning the U.S. Open these days. The tennis star has been spending time with SI Swimsuit model, Brooklyn Decker.
Don't Click On This If You're Eating
This is the most disturbing thing we've seen in a long, long time. As part of a radio contest, an Ohio State fan stripped down to his underwear and jumped into a pool of manure in order to win free Ohio St. tickets. 100% Injury Rate has the video. Yes, there's video. (Warning: Link contains graphic language.)
We Love When Coaches Go OFF!!!
Check out Kansas coach Mark Mangino tearing into a player who just showboated after scoring a touchdown.
Welcome To Raider Nation
Did you know that the Raiders drafted a 2-year-old? We didn't either, until we saw this.
Kobe Is As Competitive As Ever

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images
TMZ reports that Kobe Bryant got into some sort of "Cristal ordering" battle with a poker player in Vegas. Kobe won after spending $21,000 on 15 bottles. Congrats, Kobe.
Leave The Sports To Others
We rarely criticize things we link to, but this might be the single worst list we've ever seen. presents the Sports Checklist, a compilation of events around the world that you must see. More than half the list is events you couldn't pay us to attend.
Lookalike Alert
Reader Nico Curl of Culver City, Calif., (Any relation to Chiefs coach Dick Curl? Yes, we're addicted to Hard Knocks.) e-mailed us to point out the striking resemblance of one of the kids who appeared in the Keanu Reeves flick Hardball and Brewers slugger Prince Fielder. After checking it out, we have to give Nico props for the discovery.
Buck Up, Brad
We don't want to make light of a serious situation, but if an attractive female fan is trying to give you a hug and/or a kiss, should that really be considered an "attack?" Either way, here's video of Brad Pitt being what every media outlet is calling "attacked" by a fan.
Videos of the Day
The Hottest Team In Sports
Several readers e-mailed this promo video for Appalachian St.

Rapping About Fantasy Football
The draft is tonight, so we had to link to this.

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