September 28, 2007
The Links
Can Leinart Win This One?

Lauren Conrad :: Michael Buckner /Getty Images
With Matt Leinart's work ethic being called into question because the QB likes to party too much, reader Matt in Boston points us to The Hollywood Gossip, which stacks up the Cardinals signal-caller against The Hills Lauren Conrad in a Tale of the Tape. (Warning: Link contains graphic language).
They Can Quit Their Day Jobs
The Spirit of Jake Plummer comes up with one of the most creative pieces we've seen in a while. They're figuring out what jobs 20 NFL coaches should have based on their looks. For example: Norv Turner, San Diego Chargers: wannabe-hardass high school principal who commands no respect and gets pelted with paper airplanes during assemblies.
Is This Guy A Catch, Or What?
When an athlete is quoted as saying, "I am cheap, I'm a cheap date. Get you some McDonalds, with some cheese on it and I'm just really cheap, man," and "I might just take [a date] to the casino and get her a free buffet," we're gonna link you to the story, and not just because we have a friend who lives for free casino buffets.
Someone Got Fired
This might be the worst screw up in television news history.
Live From New York...

Kanye West, LeBron James, Maya Rudolph :: AP
LeBron James hosts the season opener of Saturday Night Live this weekend (with musical guest Kanye West -- who we're hoping pulls another stunt like this), and after doing some research, YAY Sports has figured out that the gig should lead to an NBA title for the Cavaliers.
'The Cubs Can't Win Because Of A Goat'
With the MLB playoff picture rounding into shape, Joe Sports Fan looks at the Top 7 Silly Playoff Team Storylines.
Unfortunately, There Are Only 26 Photos
Entertainment Weekly kicks off the weekend in grand fashion. They've put together a photo gallery titled, "Ultimate Female Hotties: The '90s To 2007."
She Says, Z Says
Yesterday we told you about models in Australia who set a world record for the world's largest swimsuit shoot. Well, today we're bringing you another swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, who is picking this week's NFL games with's own Dr. Z.
Today in Campus Clicks
Duke places ad to find kicker ... Holtz pep talk ... Professor tries to put an end to fotoball team ... Leave Notre Dame alone ... and more.
Videos of the Day
O.J.'s Eleven
What happens when The Juice teams up with Pete Rose, Michael Vick, Bill Belichick, Mike Tyson, Jose Canseco, Ricky Williams, Tonya Harding, Tim Donaghy, Pacman Jones and Rae Carruth? (Thanks to reader Ryan McNally of Atlanta for sending us the link.)

Joe Piscopo Will Cheer You Up
Here's a little something for all of the dejected Mets fans.

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