October 02, 2007
The Links
His Time Of Year

Gabrielle Union :: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images
Not only is Derek Jeter about to begin his 12th consecutive postseason, the New York Post reports that the Yankees shortstop is currently dating actress Gabrielle Union.
You Have To Love The Internet
The blogosphere was abuzz yesterday when reports circulated that there was a Tony Parker-Eva Longoria sex tape on the 'net. However, then word came down that all you Eva fans will have to stick to Desperate Housewives because there is no sex tape. And now we've found the video that supposedly caused this big stir. Talk about buzz kills.
This Is More Fun When You're Playoff Bound
We've seen tons of photos from MLB rookie hazing week, but now Home Run Derby provides us with hysterical video of the Cubs rookies getting the treatment.
Seeing Red
Joe Sports Fan provides us with a scary funny gallery of St. Louis Cardinals fans who seem to have a unique look.
He's Taking This Very Hard

Mr. Met :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Via Deuce of Davenport comes this skit, from the Conan O'Brien show, which shows just how hard Mr. Met his taking his team's collapse.
Move Over, Jon Kitna
So who's most responsible for the Rockies amazing run to the playoffs? Lion In Oil has figured it out.
From James Van Der Beek to Kathy Ireland
The Big Lead is looking at the five actors who have done the best job portraying football players on the big screen.
Today in Campus Clicks
Breaking down Texas' $100 million budget ... Ugliest uniforms ... Maryland QB has ties to RATT ... and more.
Videos of the Day
'The Search For Romo'
Tony Romo is dating Carrie Underwood and he's led the Cowboys to a 4-0 start. Those are nice things, sure, but they don't compare to this musical tribute video. (Thanks to Reid in Austin, Texas, for sending us the link.)

It Comes Out Of Nowhere
This shouldn't be funny, but we can't stop laughing.

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