December 06, 2007
The Links
Sports Movie Snubs

Jenny McCarthy :: Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Rumors and Rants wonders why sports movies never get any love at the Academy Awards. From Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man to Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own, they're running down some of the biggest snubs. NFL producer Andrew Perloff gave Hot Clicks his opinion on an underrated sports-movie performance that the Oscars should've recognized: Jenny McCarthy in BASEketball.
A Stunning Admission
Deuce of Davenport comes up with the YouTube find of century. Roger Staubach tells CBS' Phyllis George that he enjoys sex just as much as Joe Namath.
Wild Wildcats
100% Injury Rate also came up with a tremendous video find: The 1988 Arizona Wildcats basketball team's rap video, starring Steve Kerr, Kenny Lofton, Tom Tolbert, Jud Buechler and Sean Elliott.
This Is Tragic
The last Madden cover jinx is a doozy.
Accentuating the Negatives

Grant Hill :: Noah Graham/Getty Images
Simon on Sports is sick of those "best" lists, so they're looking at which NBA players are the "worst" in a variety of categories. The winner for "Most Brittle" won't be a surprise to anyone.
Boston Vs. New York is having some holiday fun with online greeting card-maker, Jib Jab. They've pitted Bill Simmons and Tom Brady against Derek Jeter, Isiah Thomas and James Dolan in a snowball fight. Sadly, even though we're New Yorkers and we consider Derek Jeter to be God, our deep-rooted hated of Thomas and Dolan has us rooting hard for Simmons and Brady.
You Can Get Something For Nothing
Home Run Derby is looking at The Best Steals of the Rule V Draft. No. 1 on the list? Some guy named Johan Santana.
Best News Of The Day
We'll just reprint's headline: Eva Mendes Goes Naked for PETA Poster.
Today in Campus Clicks
College football's biggest coaching bargain ... Who was Kirk Herbstreit's source? ... Five most mediocre college football teams ... BCS meets WWE ... Future job for Weis ... Video: Semi Pro sneak peek ... and more.
We're Blowing Up On Facebook!
We are overwhelmed. We've topped 2,000 members on our Hot Clicks group on Facebook. We feel so cool and so young. Let's start the march toward 3,000.
Videos of the Day
This Is How You Block A Field Goal
Sorry for the quality, but it's still worth checking out.

In A Pickle
We're extremley late on posting this and it's been everywhere already, but we couldn't pass it up. Check out Kellie Pickler proving that she is far from being smarter than a fifth grader. (Thanks to Marc Hurwitz of Syracuse, N.Y., for sending us the link.)

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