February 10, 2010
Lovely Ladies And Lists
Jessica Alba :: Getty Images

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You've probably spent a lot of time over the past 24 hours checking out SI.com's 2010 Swimsuit section. But as you know, a few other magazines out there offer issues dedicated to beautiful women. Asylum.com took the time to dissect three of those lists and give us vital statistical information about how they compare to one another. For example, in the category of "highest average ranks of women appearing on all three lists," Jessica Alba comes in second behind Megan Fox. (Thanks to readers Jarod Jackson and Adam, of Washington, for the link.)
Meet Shirtless Bill
We've all seen fans use various tactics to distract an opposing player while he's shooting free throws. However, few times has it worked out as well as it did in Monday's Idaho-Utah State game.
'How Much Is $1,000 Worth Of Gold Worth?'
A few Colts and Saints tackled some tough questions last week, which led to many laughs.
Make A Wallman
John Wall :: Stan Badz/Getty Images
Many members of Hot Clicks Nation are dealing with major snow today. If you get bored, how about going outside and making a snowman of your favorite athlete? That's what a couple of Kentucky Wildcats fans recently did.
One More Snow Suggestion
If making a snowman isn't your thing, you might want to consider making some cash by offering this. (Thanks to Jeff Stern, of New York, for the link.)
Random Links
On Monday, I posted a link to a Super Bowl prop bets recap. Here is a more detailed version. ... In this video, Mr. Belding picked the Saints to win the Super Bowl, and talked about a Saved by the Bell reunion. ... You must see how, um, disheveled Mike Ditka looks at the 1:50 mark of this clip.
Sports Video Of The Day
One more look at Tracy Porter's interception.

Late Show At Super Bowl Video Of The Day
Stick with this to see the Reggie Bush part at the 2:40 mark.

Stop Motion Video Of The Day
I know this will sound weird, but ... check out this T-shirt battle. (Thanks to Tim LaBerge, of Minneapolis, for the link.)

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