May 12, 2010
Sh*T My Dad Says Takes Over Hot Clicks
Sh*t My Dad Says :: Harper Collins

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If you're on Twitter, you know that one of the most popular feeds is titled "Sh*tMyDadSays." The page, which features 29-year-old Justin Halpern Tweeting out words of widsom (usually laced with profanity) uttered by his 74-year-old dad, is so popular there is now a book by the same name. There's also a TV deal with CBS, and the pilot will star William Shatner as the dad. Today's P.M. Hot Clicks will feature a comment by Justin's dad after most of the items.
More LeBron Fallout
The spotlight on LeBron James' poor performance last night is still shining bright. The Sports Pickle has found Mike Brown's playbook. has reaction from 10 varioius people on LeBron's showing. And then there is this great YouTube video, which pretty much sums up the whole thing.
Maria's Potty Mouth
One of Hot Clicks favorite women, Maria Menounos, went on ESPN this morning to talk about her beloved Celtics. Menounos must have gotten caught up in the excitement of her team taking a 3-2 series lead and casually dropped an s-bomb.

Justin's Dad says: "She says 's---?' I missed the 's---' entirely. Went right past me. I don't hear well and also I wasn't listening."

Lovely Lady Of The Day
Jesse Preston :: Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images
Randy W., of Grand Rapids, Mich., says, "Jimmy, you seem to feature a lot of brunettes and for that, you deserve a lot of credit. Here's one more for you to make the LLOD -- model Jesse Preston."

Justin's Dad says: "Nice legs. Great legs. Nice ankles, too. But, really, who cares. None of us will be with her."

Safer Than Tasing, Almost As Funny
After last week's Tasing incident, CBS 4 in Denver did some research and came up with a great way for ballpark security to handle future incidents of fans running onto the field.

Justin says: "Dad walked away during this video to get something to eat."

Yo-Yo Scam
This story is a couple of days old, but I have to post it. A man pretending to be one of the country's top Yo-Yo players fooled several TV stations into putting him on the air. The results were tremendous.

Justin's Dad says: "Love this Yo-Yo guy, what a con man. Two points of IQ less and you'd have to prune that newscaster every spring."

Two-Sport Star looks at the Major League Baseball players who had the most gridiron talent and comes up with this list of the sport's top 10 football players.

Justin's Dad says: "Who gives a s---?"

Sports Video Of The Day
A's pitcher Dallas Braden, of perfect game fame, did the Top 10 list on last night's Late Show with David Letterman. A-Rod came up just a few times.

Justin's Dad says: "He should stick to baseball. He's got talent, but he doesn't know f--- about peripheral vision."

Where Are The Parents Video Of The Day?
These girls are SEVEN YEARS OLD.

Justin's Dad says: "Let me put it this way: Where the hell was the vasectomy doctor eight years ago? Can you imagine sending your 7-year-old kid out there doing kicks and what not, dressed like that? I mean, sweet Jesus. Unbelievable. Kids 10, parents minus five. I'm referring to their IQ."

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