April 03, 2009
Friday, April 3
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Iverson mulling retirement
Three games in, Allen Iverson is taking his demotion super-duper well. The Pistons' highest-paid reserve said Wednesday that he would rather retire than be a bench player next season. "I'm in a position now that I've never been in my whole life," Iverson said after the Pistons' loss to New Jersey. "It's harder than I thought it would be. With the back injury, I have to sit out at the start, then go in, then sit again. It's tough to really get going. I take my hat off to the guys who can come off the bench and be effective. It's tough for me. I'm struggling with it." Iverson, of course, also complained about his minutes Tuesday after playing 18 against Cleveland. He played 17 against the Nets. "I'd rather retire before I do this again," Iverson said. "I can't be effective playing this way. I'm not used to it. It's tough for me both mentally and physically." But remember, Iverson will do anything it takes for the Pistons to win. As long as he's starting, apparently. (Detroit Free Press)
Cutler at odds with Bears coordinator?
Jay Cutler goes to a Bears team whose trademarks have been a strong defense and strong running game. Bears coach Lovie Smith also has the type of calm, soothing manner that may well suit Cutler, who clashed with Josh McDaniels. However, Cutler may have an issue with Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner. Coming out of high school, Cutler thought he had a scholarship to the University of Illinois, where Turner was the head coach. Cutler has said Turner pulled the scholarship late in the recruiting process, resulting in his going to Vanderbilt. The Bears were Cutler's favorite NFL team while he was growing up in Santa Claus, Ind.(Denver Post)
Mets intrigued by Sheffield
As the Mets broke camp, this news broke, too: slugger Gary Sheffield's availability intrigues team officials, the Daily News has learned. Rufus Williams, who represents Sheffield, would not disclose whether the Mets had contacted him. And with the team flying to New York after their game Thursday afternoon, it was believed an internal meeting had yet to take place among team brass. But "it's got to be discussed," a source with ties to the team said.(New York Daily News)
Must-See Photo
Matthew Spatucci, left, 9, and his brother Steven Spatucci, 13, of Pequannock, N.J. watch the New York Yankees baseball workout on Thursday at new Yankee Stadium. The workout was the team's first at the new stadium. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)
Must-See Video
A Brewers fan saves a sunbather from the certain doom of a Corey Hart home run ball.
Game To Watch
Houston at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 PM ET -- Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant meet for the first time since Bryant scored 18 fourth-quarter points in a Tk-TK win to quiet a trash-talking Artest.
Houston Rockets
L.A. Lakers
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Michigan State
2000 -- Michigan State defeats Florida 89-76 to win the NCAA Championship.
1989 -- Michigan beats Seton Hall for the NCAA title 80-79 in overtime.
1977 -- Montreal Canadiens become first NHL team to win 60 games in a season.

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