June 10, 2008
Tuesday, June 10
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Truth & Rumors
Source: Clemens took Viagra
He told little white lies ... and he took little blue pills. Roger Clemens, whose claims he never took steroids are under federal investigation, has apparently discovered the benefits of another performance-enhancing drug sweeping the sports world -- Viagra. Clemens stashed the clearly marked, diamond-shaped pills in a GNC vitamin bottle in his locker at Yankee Stadium, according to a source familiar with the clubhouse, perhaps keeping the drug undercover to avoid the inevitable wisecracks about all the girlfriends he needed to please. Clemens wasn't alone. The pitcher, who is believed to have scored the drug from a teammate, joined the burgeoning number of athletes who have turned Vitamin V and its over-the-counter substitutes into one of the hottest drugs in locker rooms. The drug is so widely used for off-label purposes that it has drawn the attention of anti-doping officials and law-enforcement agencies in the United States and beyond. (New York Daily News)
Redskins ask Portis to change
There was a time when Clinton Portis would spend a good portion of the offseason in Miami's South Beach, relishing the spoils of his profession. The Redskins running back still enjoys his weekends as much as anyone, flashing that devilish smile when the topic of partying is raised, but his more regular attendance at Washington's offseason workout program has been a departure from years past. Portis is taking a more mature and healthy approach to his preparation, he says, at the behest of team owner Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato, the vice president of football operations. Snyder and Cerrato provided another apparent impetus in the form of a lucrative new contract for Portis -- despite his injury and conditioning issues the past two years -- essentially guaranteeing his contract through 2010, a rarity in a league of non-guaranteed contracts. (Washington Post)
Houston wants to make comeback
Former Knicks star Allan Houston told The Post he still is interested in playing next season. Houston, 37, attempted a comeback with the Knicks prior to last season before deciding the fit wasn't right. (New York Post)
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Netherlands' Wesley Sneijder (right) scores the second goal past Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and Antonio Di Natale during a shocking 3-0 win in Euro 2008. (AP Photo/Niklas Larsson)
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"Ken Griffey Jr. Highlight Reel"
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NBA Finals: Game 3
Boston Celtics
Los Angeles Lakers

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