May 23, 2008
Friday, May 23
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Truth & Rumors
Randolph's job in jeopardy
Silence from ownership might have spoken volumes about Willie Randolph's shaky job security yesterday. Randolph admitted he was rebuffed after reaching out to Mets owner Fred Wilpon and his son, chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon, to apologize personally for his racial remarks and criticism of the team's own TV network. Instead of hearing back from the Wilpons, Randolph was told in a phone call from GM Omar Minaya that Minaya was returning Randolph's call on behalf of the owners. Minaya also relayed to Randolph that the Wilpons wanted to meet with the embattled manager once the team returns from its current trip to Atlanta and Denver on Sunday night. A team spokesman repeated to reporters for the second day in a row that the Wilpons would not comment on the controversy that continues to dog Randolph in the wake of his comments and the Mets' inconsistent play. (New York Post)
Cowboys consider raise for T.O.
T.O. wants his money. Let's make that clear from the start. And sometime before the end of the 2008 season -- no one can really say when, though the Cowboys have already discussed it internally -- Jerry Jones is going to give it to him. When he does, Terrell Owens should receive a deal similar to the three-year, $27 million contract Randy Moss signed in March. That deal included a $12 million signing bonus and $15 million in guaranteed dollars.. (Dallas Morning News)
Can Mavs get anything for Howard?
It may turn out in this longer-than-desired summer that the Mavericks are better off keeping Josh Howard. The future of Howard is one of the key questions of the off-season. His admission to off-season marijuana use, not to mention his late-night birthday bash, during the playoffs may or may not have been reasons for his pitiful play in the first round. But those decisions put his teammates and the organization in a bad spot. it's inevitable that trade rumors will swirl leading up to the NBA draft and throughout the summer. (Dallas Morning News)
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A Braves fan sweeps the dugout roof as New York Mets manager Willie Randolph looks out in the eighth inning of the Mets' 4-2 loss to Atlanta on Thursday. (AP Photo)
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Rajon Rondo shows off some interesting defensive skills.
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Western Conference, Finals, Game 2
San Antonio Spurs
Los Angeles Lakers
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