May 02, 2008
Friday, May 2
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Mavs interested in Pitino?
Should Mike D'Antoni and the Suns soon part company, his name will be added to Mark Cuban's short list that ultimately may include Rick Pitino. I've been told he'd consider leaving Louisville for a third NBA chance, but the team would have to be in relatively good roster shape. I don't know; the thought of coaching Erick Dampier (11M/$12M/$13M) for the next three seasons might be a turn-off. It's not as if he can be traded. I doubt Cuban could package Dampier with Microsoft and get a good deal.
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Friends urge Clemens to drop lawsuit
It's raining women, and Roger Clemens' confidants are telling him to wise up and get out of the storm. Clemens' longtime friends are advising him to drop his defamation suit against steroid accuser Brian McNamee and take a new approach to rebuilding his reputation. The pressure has increased on Clemens to reconsider his ugly battle with his former trainer since the Daily News reported this week the pitcher's long-term affair with country singer Mindy McCready. That report led to other Daily News stories about relationships with several other women, including Paulette Dean Daly, the ex-wife of golfer John Daly. The details of the relationships have been embarrassing for the long-married father of four and his family. "I don't see how he can continue this case," said a source close to Clemens. "There's no way to damage his reputation any more."
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Steroids maker 'advised' NFL players
David Jacobs, who was sentenced to probation on Thursday for distributing steroids and H.G.H., said he advised about 10 N.F.L. players on gaming the league's drug-testing policy. One way, he said, was to have team doctors write them prescriptions for drugs that would mask steroid use. Among the dealers he supplied were two N.F.L. players, Jacobs said, who would then supply a handful of other N.F.L. players with the banned substances.
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Piniella loses it after Cubs loss
Start to uncomfortable finish, manager Lou Piniella's postgame news conference Thursday lasted all of one minute -- depending on whether you count the string of profanities he uttered marching down the dreary hallway to the Cubs' clubhouse. A 4-3 loss to the Brewers -- a game that featured three runs off closer Kerry Wood during a ninth inning that included two questionable plays in the outfield -- set the stage for Piniella's first official meltdown of 2008. A question focusing on whether Piniella thought about shifting slick-fielding center fielder Reed Johnson to left -- in place of fresh-off-the-disabled-list Alfonso Soriano -- when he inserted defensive sub Felix Pie in center during the eighth inning lit Piniella's short fuse. "You're damn right I thought about it,'' Piniella said, his voice rising. "You think I'm stupid or something?" As Piniella stormed away, the profanities came spilling out.
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L.A. wants to host NFL draft
Even though the NFL hasn't played a game in Los Angeles in almost 14 years, there's a chance the city could land one of pro football's marquee events. The league is considering moving the NFL draft from New York beginning next year, and AEG has had preliminary discussions with the NFL about holding the draft at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in 2009. The NFL's two-year contract with Radio City Music Hall has expired. Asked recently whether the league was considering moving the draft from New York, where it has been held since 1965, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, "Yes. There seems to be a great deal of interest from various cities to do it. We think Radio City has been terrific, and obviously being in the media capital is a terrific thing for us, but it is something that we continue to evaluate, and we haven't come to any conclusion on it. . . . "
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Ranger blasts 'classless' Malkin
The series between the Rangers and Penguins had been billed as the savvy veteran Blueshirts who would rankle the talented, emotional and young Pens. With 13.6 seconds left Thursday night in Game 4, young Penguins star Evgeni Malkin finally showed some frustration. As he and Paul Mara raced back toward the Rangers' net, Malkin kicked the legs out from under the defenseman while pushing him back with his arm. Malkin was whistled for a 10-minute misconduct penalty, capping the frustration of the Penguins' first loss in the playoffs. "He did it twice -- right at their blue line going into their zone and then right in our zone right in front of the ref," said Mara. "That's a classless act by a superstar. And there's no need for that in our game. We're up (3-0) and it's not like it's a little slew-foot -- it's a full kick if you watch the replay."
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Coleman needs heart transplant
Derrick Coleman, 41 come June 21, is in urgent need of a heart transplant. Details are scarce, but the few collected are scary. Toward the end of Coleman's 10-year NBA career, he was diagnosed as suffering from arrhythmia. The disorder was treated with medication and it stopped his heart from skipping a beat and alleviated his shortness of breath, etc. For whatever reason, Coleman's condition severely worsened lately, hospitalizing one of the toughest hombres in league history. Only a couple of his closest friends -- Charles Oakley and Ricky Mahorn -- have been able to see him.
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Chiefs to try out ex-Gator Leak
One of the more interesting names heading to Kansas City for a tryout this weekend with the Chiefs will be former Florida quarterback Chris Leak. Leak, you'll recall, led Florida to the national title in 2007 by beating Ohio State. Leak was the title game's most valuable player. But Leak, who is 6 feet, 207 pounds, didn't get drafted. He signed as a rookie free agent last year with the Bears but was cut before the season.
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