August 14, 2008
Thursday, August 14
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Verbal attacks bother Rodgers
Even without the soap opera qualities of the last three weeks, Aaron Rodgers had plenty of pressure in his future. To that end, he has been under a more intense microscope. Favre fans have not just been supporting Favre with their words; they've been going after Rodgers. And many haven't minced words. After the morning practice Friday, Rodgers talked about some of the abuse directed at him. "I understand it to some point if I put myself into a Favre fanatic's shoes," Rodgers said of getting booed. "The things I can't understand, the things I really take personally, is when I'm driving up to the (parking lot) gate and punching in my punch code and somebody says (expletive) to me. That kind of bothers me. "Or when a little kid is yelling swear words at me. That kind of gets to me. They expect a high level of play and they miss Brett Favre. I understand that. But the (expletive) and the little kids saying swear words to me, I don't understand that.". (Milwaukee Journal Sentinal)
Kobe's bigger than Great Wall
Kobe Bryant is bigger in China than the Great Wall. How could a billion Chinese be so wrong? Not to question the taste of a country that loves everything American from quarter-pound cheeseburgers to classic punk rock, but this 24/7, camera-clicking, name-chanting worship of Bryant by the local masses at the Olympics might be the strangest foreign love affair with a U.S. pop icon since the French decided Jerry Lewis was a comic genius. Sure, the man can hoop. But he's not exactly the finest example of American virtue. So why does China go absolutely gaga for Kobe? "I can't explain it," Bryant told me Wednesday. (Los Angeles Daily News)
Injured D-Back in trade limbo
Here's the likely holdup on the Reds getting Micah Owings as one of the players to be named in the Adam Dunn trade to Arizona: An injured player cannot be placed on waivers. Owings, a 25-year-old right-hander, is one of two players to-be-named in the deal. Owings was scratched from his scheduled Triple-A start Wednesday with what was reported in Arizona as shoulder stiffness. (Cincinnati Enquirer)
Must-See Photo
Ronda Rousey, right, of the United States battles Annett Boehm of Germany in the women's judo -70kg middleweight division finals at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
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Cheerleader's Face Destroyed By Soccer Ball
Game To Watch
Brewers at Padres, 10:05 p.m. ET -- Ben Sheets matches up against Jake Peavy.
Milwaukee Brewers
San Diego Padres
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Mark McGwire
1987 -- The A's Mark McGwire hits his 39th home run, setting an American League rookie record.
1993 -- New York celebrates "Reggie Jackson Day" at Yankee Stadium
1989 -- At 39, Oakland's Rickey Henderson becomes the oldest player to steal 50 bases in a season.

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