September 16, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Best Small-Screen Quotes
Hayden Panettiere :: Getty Images

Sure, the big talk today is DeSean Jackson's ridiculous gaffe and Kat DeLuna's awful rendition of the national anthem. But the link we enjoyed most this morning was's 24 Endlessly Quotable TV Quips. "Save the cheerleader" from Heroes made the list, as did "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose," from Friday Night Lights, but our favorite is No. 18.

Mets Meltdown?

With Mets fans in a state of panic about another possible collapse, breaks down the roller coaster those folks have been on since last September in this post titled, "The Sad, Sad Saga of Your Average N.Y. Mets Fan."

Bad Investments

Forbes recently named Nicole Kidman the least bankable actress in the world. That inspired the Angry T to figure out who the least bankable athletes are in sports.

A Great September Tradition
Chris Carter :: Courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/

You may think the start of college football and the NFL along with pennant races heating up are the reasons why this is the best time of the sports year. And while those three things are key contributors, we can't forget something else that makes this time so special -- the hazing of MLB rookies. The Rays youngsters channeled their inner Village People while the Red Sox went mostly for drag.

Revisiting Reby

Several of you wrote in last Thursday when we linked to Reby Sky's blog to tell us the Giant's fan Web site was down. Here's another attempt to show you Reby. If that doesn't work, Keith, of Scranton, Pa. came through with this. And to follow-up on the past discussion of attractive fans wearing jerseys, Tom Smith, of Chicago, passes along Hot Clicks favorite, Maria Menouous here and here.

Two Hockey Links

Going Five Hole has video of ESPN's going-away party for Barry Melrose, and a very attractive chick was the host. Meanwhile, Serious Sports Network breaks the news of why Gary Bettman is so happy these days.

Political Humor

Liquid Generation does their part to contribute to election season by putting together this great video of the 10 Most Awkward Political Gaffes. And as a bonus, here's an all-George Bush version.

Campus Clicks
Trojan, Bruin :: Icon SMI

At least Ohio State still has Terrelle Pryor ... 10 worst calls of the BCS era ... Celebs on the sidelines for Ohio St.-USC ... 15 worst college logos ... Video: Fear the Turtle.

Megan Fox On Facebook

Check out Hot Clicks Facebook group for some must-see Megan Fox pics.

Sports Video Of The Day

Check out the impressive hurdle executed this past weekend by Erik Brown of Scottsdale Saguaro High school.

CNN Video Of The Day

Howard Stern fans will recognize the two men in the background of this video as Sal the Stockbroker and Richard Christy. The duo didn't seem too broken up by yesterday's news about Lehman Brothers. (Thanks to Jun Buensuceso, of Pasig City, Philippines, for sending the link.)

iPhone Video Of The Day

This is how you keep an iPhone clean.

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