June 05, 2009
Top Olympic Tweeters
Name: Lance Armstrong (lancearmstrong)
Twitter Bio: 7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!
Followers: 986,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Wassup, world? My name is Max Armstrong and I just arrived. My Mommy is healthy and so am I!" 11:30 PM June 4
"Also, what's up with these cords/strings they always have in Euro bathrooms? Is it bad if I tug on them whenever I pass by?" 3:00 AM May 31st
"Surpise doping control. #26 for those counting." 1:33 PM May 13th

Name: Shawne Johnson (ShawneyJ)
Twitter Bio: I give my heart and soul
Followers: 14,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Just landed in NC and headed to the race track just for a look see then resting for the night before I hit the track with Kyle Petty... OMG!" 8:09 PM May 22nd
"Thank U Thank U Thank U! I cant believe i won Dancing With The Stars! i am officially the happiest girl in the world and i owe that all to u" 12:00 AM May 21st

Name: Dara Torres (daratorresswims)
Occupation: U.S. Olympic swimmer
Followers: 2,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Dan Partick has asked me to go on his show tom to talk about what Danica said, I want it 2 be me vs PED's not me vs Danica- still deciding." 6:42 AM June 1st
"Argh! Guy next door in hotel set his alarm for 5am but he was already in the shower! He finally pushed snooze but then left! Dooosh!!" 7:28 AM May 22nd

Name: Shaun White (Shaun_White)
Twitter Bio: Snowboarder/Skateboarder
Followers: 21,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Where is the surf? Might have to go on a mission for some if my body can take it! Red Bull Trainer, why did the workout beat us up!" 1:53 PM May 19th
"Ah, hello, did you know there are 31,536,000 seconds in one year! Yup, just did the math..." 3:28 PM April 28th

Name: Natalie Coughlin (NatalieCoughlin)
Twitter Bio:Swim to eat, eat to swim!
Followers: 1,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Just got a new bike! Hopefully it won't get stolen like my last two..." 7:34 PM May 26th
"Why is it that I watch 90210 reruns over and over again on Soapnet?" 9:19 PM May 20th

Name: Serena Williams (serenajwilliams)
Twitter Bio: This is the official Serena Williams twitter page.
Followers: 270,000+
Sample Tweets:
"On Friday, I went shopping for some chairs for my apartment in Paris but the chairs were so TINY! UGH, LOL." 9:27 AM May 17th
"I don't think it was a good idea to play Rome but I would have been punished so I played & now I am suffering but the WTA has RULES!" 8:41 AM May 8th

Name: Nastia Liukin (NLiukin)
Occupation: 2008 Olympic gold medalist gymnast
Followers: 5,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Obsessed with Robert Pattinson & the whole Twilight series." 10:51 AM May 31st
"sooo tired... had so much fun at my photo shoot for Envy Magazine today! it's always fun with you have great people around you!" 12:16 AM May 23rd

Name: Jozy Altidore (JozyAltidore17)
Twitter Bio: US National Team Soccer player. Always Hungry for more.
Followers: 1,000+
Sample Tweets:
"What next? Go to Dave and Busters? Or clubbin with Keri Hilson...what yall think?" 8:22 PM May 24th
"Am I wrong to choose man United to win CL? think all around they're just a tad bit better than barca. Saying that tho I want barca to win." 12:43 AM May 22nd


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