November 18, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Rich Peverley
Thrashers C

Carlos Bocanegra
USA Soccer D

Marcus McNeill
Chargers T

Curtis Lofton
Falcons LB
Britney lip-synching is like... Hockey without a puck Music to my ears Every little boy's dream No comment
Must-have fall accessory A winter hat My new scarf from Paris MacBook Air A heavy coat
I always sleep in my... Boxer shorts and T-shirt Retainer Jordan shorts and a wife beater Oklahoma gym shorts
Favorite movie quote "You can't handle the truth!" "Allow myself to introduce myself" "With every step I gain more confidence" Don't have one
Plastic surgery I might consider Tummy tuck Anything to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club I wouldn't have plastic surgery Lasik
Favorite Late Night TV Host Conan OBrian, youve got to love his hair like Jimmy Kimmel. He seems like a guy that I would like to go and have a beer with Stephen Colbert. I really like any show where a host can be completely critical of politician and have fun while doing it Jimmy Kimmel. He is flat out hilarious
I should set a Guinness World Record for... Most concerts attended in a row.I love live music BBM messenger friends I could set the world record in dark skin jokes about teammate Ogi Nwuogbuo "the name speaks for itself" No anwer
Song playing on my iPod right now I want you to Weezer Sexy bitch by Akon and David Guetta Photo Shoot by Gucci Mane Anything off the new Jay-Z cd
Photographs by Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI; Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon SMI; NFL Photos/Getty Images (2)

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