March 12, 2008
1 Rockets

Houston hasn't had a problem (or a loss) in more than a month as the Rockets have been hotter than local girl Julie Henderson on their way to 19 straight wins and counting.

2 Brackets

Who would've thought that a large number of interconnected punctuation marks could put a stranglehold on America the way those Xeroxed NCAA Tournament brackets do this time of year?

3 Jack Nicholson

Not only is Jack at every Lakers home game, he was spotted at Pauley Pavilion last week, sitting among the Bruin faithful and watching UCLA win its third straight Pac-10 Title. It may have been the first time in decades he was at an event, where he was behind someone with better seats than him.

4 Kobe Bryant

A virtual standing ovation to our good friend Dave McMenamin, who made Tuesday Kobe Bryant Blog Day and spent nearly all 24 hours of the day praising KB24. Bryant didn't disappoint Mac and his fans, going for 34 against the Raptors that night and taking the Lakers back to the top of the West.

5 John Wooden

We have breakfast nearly every morning in the same coffee shop as Coach Wooden. It's been understandably quiet in there for the past couple weeks, making this the best news we've heard in a while.

6 Lil' Romeo

O.J. Mayo isn't sure if he's coming back to USC next year, but if he does, he'll get some help from a 5-foot-10 point guard with a bad knee, who has never played a full season of high school basketball and averaged 8.6 points a game for a prep team that finished last in its league this season.

7 Floyd Mayweather

We know Mayweather loves publicity, but does he really need to get thrown out of a ring by a 7-foot wrestler in order to get it? We're convinced his bout at WrestleMania will either be the most entertaining or embarrassingly ugly match ever. There's no in between and we're favoring the latter.

8 Kim Kardashian

So Kim has discovered the blogosphere. While some of her posts are mind-numbingly ridiculous (Bargain shopping? Really?) she's more candid than we would have ever thought. Not only did she post a bunch of pictures from her vacation with Reggie Bush, but she wants your opinion on them.

9 Vince McMahon

Congratulations to Mr. McMahon, who will join the likes of Jim Gray and Kenny G when he gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday. Considering the lax requirements of getting a star, we're surprised the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase doesn't have one by now.

10 Alexis Jones

This Austinite stole our hearts when she covered the USC football team back when they had a little streak of their own going. Now she's doing the same with rest of America on the new season of Survivor. We're predicting (hoping?) she'll take over for Elisabeth Hasselbeck by the end of the year.

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