January 23, 2008
1 Bushdashian

Like every other hot couple in Hollywood, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian need a nickname and that's the best we could come up with. We're open to suggestions. In the meantime, we'll just have to look at pictures of them rolling around Sundance and collecting free stuff.

2 Tom Brady

Were we the only ones that saw through "Boot Gate" and recognized Brady for being a perfect (go figure) prankster. Either he was faking the injury or Gisele magically healed his pain before they rolled to dinner later that night without the walking boot. The latter wouldn't surprise us in the least.

3 Sidney Crosby

Can the NHL please catch a break? We were finally getting into "Sid The Kid" and now the Penguins' star and the league's scoring leader is out eight weeks with a high ankle sprain. By the time he returns we'll probably have forgotten all about this thing called hockey they supposedly play here in the States.

4 Eli Manning

Little Manning has developed into quite the leader on and off the field. Not only did he lead the Giants to the Super Bowl, he told his girlfriend, Abby McGrew, she had to brave sub-zero temps at Lambeau. As long as he doesn't do 67 commercials like his big brother, he'lll be our favorite Manning.

5 O.J. Mayo

You just knew that an O.J. at USC rocking the No. 32 wasn't going to go through his only season at the school without some controversy. After upsetting UCLA on Saturday, Mayo celebrated with front row tickets to the Lakers-Nuggets game on Sunday. Problem is that's an NCAA violation.

6 Michael Jordan

We had hoped the Jordan 23s would grow on us, but they haven't, and at $230 a pair when they first drop, we'll probably shut down our collection of Jordan kicks before it hits the big 2-3. That doesn't mean we don't love Jordan's new commercial and his taste in, um, other interests.

7 Norm Chow

One of the greatest rivalries in college football became relevant again with Rick Neuheisel's hiring of Chow as UCLA's offensive coordinator. Pete Carroll better hope USC continues to win the recruiting war in L.A. because there is little question that former USC staffers Chow and defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker are better than any assistants Carroll has.

8 Bridget Moynhan

Brady's baby mama hasn't been to a Patriots game in over a year, but something tells us it will look like she's all over University of Phoenix Stadium during Super Bowl Sunday.

9 Kate Mara

If there's a more perfect woman on the planet than Mara, we haven't met her. Gorgeous, talented, wealthy and knows football. The actress and granddaughter of late Giants owner Wellington Mara is also a good luck charm. She flew from the Sundance Film Festival to Green Bay on a red-eye flight just to watch her Giants win the NFC Championship.

10 Rick Majerus

We're convinced there should be a foot permantly planted in Majerus' mouth. The big fella has had a few classic slip-ups over the years, but ticking off a Roman Catholic Archbishop has to take the cake. Get that resume ready again, we know you have it handy.

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