August 22, 2007
1 Michael Vick

Can we please stop wondering if Vick will be able to resume his NFL career when he's done serving his time in the slammer? Any team that would sign the quarterback-turned-inmate when he gets out might as well sign up Barnum & Bailey to play wide receiver.

2 Orange Bowl

It may be one of college football's most storied stadiums but the old bowl is living on borrowed time after the Miami Hurricanes signed on to play their home games at Dolphin Stadium beginning in 2008.

3 Ryan Seacrest

As if Super Bowl pre-game shows could get any worse, Fox announced that Seacrest would be hosting the celebrity filled marathon gab fest next year. What's the over/under on Sanjya being a roving reporter during this debacle?

4 Tiki Barber/Eli Manning

Tiki may have been a distraction as a player but as an analyst he lit a fire under Eli and made him break out of his clichéd monologue after questioning the QB's leadership skills. We hope this becomes an on-going feud with the ring-less brothers throwing out Frank Stallone and Daniel Baldwin references.
5 Tom Brady

So, Brady wants some time off to see the birth of his child. We'd pay to see the look on Bill Belichick's face when he's asked about that game time decision. It'll probably elicit the same glare when he's asked for some more time off so he could tie the knot with Gisele Bundchen.

6 Bill Murray

There's nothing funny about drinking and driving but when it entails Murray throwing back a few cold ones on golf course and getting in a golf cart in Sweden it has all the makings of a Caddyshack reunion at the old Bushwood Country Club.

7 Hayden Panettiere

The hottest cheerleader this side of Friday Night Lights turns 18 which means bring on the cigarettes and pornos (her words, not ours). For much of her fan base, it means they will feel slightly less creepy when they Google her images.

8 Duane Chapman

Dog The Bounty Hunter may have a hit TV show and best selling book but he still can't escape the law. There's a Michael Vick joke here but we're as tired of the recent play on dog phrases as you are.

9 Chuck Liddell

The former UFC champ partied it up all night with Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) in Las Vegas last weekend while Dillon celebrated his birthday. The last time "The Iceman" partied that hard was the night before he got knocked out by Rampage Jackson for his title three months ago.

10 Joey Fatone

The "Fat One" signs on to run the red carpet show for the TV Guide Network. We never thought we'd say this but (deep breath), we miss you Joan Rivers.

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