October 28, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Arthur Abraham

Brandon Meriweather
Patriots SS

Mark Stuart
Bruins D

Robbie Rogers
Crew M
My advice to the Balloon Family Keep your feet on the ground Stay creative Fool me twice, shame on you Nothing. They know exactly what they're doing
Favorite Halloween candy Chocolate Red Hots or Lemonheads Heath bar Kit Kat
Movie that scares me senseless I don't watch horror movies Friday the 13th Deliverance Paranormal Activity
Our locker room smells like... It does not smell at all Paradise A wet dog Teammate Guillermo Schelotto's perfume
Best Halloween costume I ever had King Arthur Superman Hans and Franz Dressing up as a girl
I think my coach is really afraid of... losing to me in our warm-up soccer matches losing losing his wig coming off during a game
If I were on a reality show it would be called... Fight Camp 360 The best of Worlds The Most Normal Guy on the Team Crewsing in Columbus with Crobbie and Creve
Song playing on my iPod right now Eye of the Tiger by Survivor No answer Just Breathe by Pearl Jam Hello Seattle remix by Owl City
Photographs by Axel Heimken/AP; John Biever/SI; Damian Strohmeyer/SI; Robin Alam/Icon SMI

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