By Dr Z
September 12, 2007
NFL Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
21 -- You could say it's really a hard luck way for a club to start a season, but that would be showing disrespect for poor Kevin Everett, who suffered that terrible injury, and his family. My wife wanted to know what kind of pension and disability arrangements the league makes for a situation like this. Hell of a question. I want to find out myself.
22 -- It's not easy to get yourself psyched up for the Raiders, but Roy Williams, the team's No. 1 draft choice in '04, found a way. He was furious that Oakland didn't make him their top choice that year, which would have been the second overall on the board. And he even worked on Calvin Johnson, the Lions' No. 1 this year, because Oakland passed him by for No. 1 in the entire draft. Week by week he'll be working his way down the roster until, at the end of December, when they face Green Bay, he'll have all the free agents up in arms because the Packers stiffed them.
23 -- A recharged offensive line lost its best player. A supposedly improved run defense gave up 186 yards to the Panthers. They've beaten the 49ers seven of their last eight at home, but Vegas has made them only a teeny weeny 3-point favorite on Sunday. Let's see, who did I pick in that one? Oh oh, the Rams. Should have gone the other way.
24 -- Good news and bad news. The good news is that, with Russ Grimm coaching the linemen, they actually looked capable of getting a running game going against the Niners. The bad news is that Matt Leinart couldn't throw the ball in the ocean.
25 -- Yeah, I know, they gave the Skins a tussle in Washington and took them down to the wire, but I still ask this question: How do you let a player like Wes Welker go when you could have signed him for peanuts?
26 -- This might be too harsh if that spy stuff really gave the Patriots a complete read on their defenses. You think the Belichick-Mangini feud was hot last year? Wait. The best is yet to come.
27 -- My scouts tell me the Jaguars were powerless to stop Chris Brown and LenDale White running the stretch play. The two guys measured 6-9 and 6-10 at the end of the game.
28 -- Now we're in dungeon territory. How long is Garcia out for? Concussions are fearful things to mess with. How about Cadillac Williams? They hung in against Seattle, until a punt return broke it open, but is that the best to hope for now?
29 -- Four turnovers, 219 total yards, never really in it against a Texans team that's not exactly awe-inspiring, an offensive line that's just a memory of it what once was. For an old Ed Budde - Jim Tyrer fan such as myself, this is just too depressing.
30 -- Wait a minute, this news flash just came in. Talks are scheduled with JaMarcus Russell's agent. Or maybe by now they're completed. Or the papers are signed. Stay tuned for the latest.
31 -- A struggle between them and the Browns for this spot. I'd advise both clubs to make themselves comfortable here, because this will be home for a while.
32 -- After a week of non-stop talk show trashathons, I am fully saturated with the pros and cons of introducing Brady Quinn to live action next week, next month, not until he's ready, perhaps almost ready -- stop already! There's nothing new to add. I mean really ... lighten up, guys.

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