October 15, 2008
By Jimmy Traina
Rachelle, Rachelle
Rachelle Leah :: Courtesy of Playboy.com

We often get e-mails asking for more UFC coverage. Well here's something for you. Rachelle Leah is a former Octagon Girl and the current host of UFC All Access. She'll also be in the November issue of Playboy, on newsstands Friday. And guess who has a sneak peek at the cover? Hot Clicks has the SFW cover. And for those of you who don't get the headline above -- or for those of you who just want to relive the magic -- check this out.

Obama Really Wants The Young Voters

There's no escaping the presidential election or the ads for each candidate. In fact, Barack Obama ads will even appear in some versions of Madden 09. Speaking of campaigns, former Suns guard Kevin Johnson, who is running for Mayor of Sacramento, has called in a big gun to help him win -- Charles Barkley.

Speaking of John Madden

Here are Eight things the legendary analyst can do on his weekend off.

Potent Position
Terrell Owens :: Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

NEPatriotsDraft.com breaks down the NFL wide receivers by putting them into different categories of species.

Famous Fans

This past Tuesday was the five year anniversary of the Steve Bartman game. So with that, The Sporting Blog, is looking at the top five most infamous fans. However, we were a little sad to see that our favorite sports fan was left off the list.

They Just Can't Stay Out Of Trouble

Pacman Jones leads the way in this post by InGameNow.com that looks at sports' biggest train wrecks.

Get More On Facebook

For a story about a women's soccer player joining the adult film industry, check out our Hot Clicks Facebook Group.

Campus Clicks
Stephanie Rice has a wild side. :: Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice has regrets ... Ohio State fans choose a win over helping the Dow ... Eight reasons to visit University of Texas ... Good, bad and ugly of the SEC ... Video: Holtz unplugged.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via HomeRunDerby.com comes this funny clip of a Red Sox fan getting ticked off at a soda vendor.

Crying Video Of The Day

Just listen to this guy break down over the firing of Clemson's Tommy Bowden.

Justin Timberlake Video Of The Day
The infamous D--- In a Box gets changed to Vote in a Box in this short clip. But the real reason for posting it is Jessica Biel dancing in the background.
Rick Roll Video Of The Day
Nobody loves the Rick Roll more than us, but this was a poor effort. It was almost as bad as the football team's performance. (Thanks to David, of New York City, for the link.)
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