March 08, 2010
Missing Memorabilia
Sidney Crosby :: Yuri Kadobnov/Getty Images

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See the glove and stick that Sidney Crosby threw in the air after scoring the gold-medal-winning goal in the photo above? They're missing. You can receive a $10,000 reward if you turn them in. (Thanks to Patrick, of Pittsburgh, for the link.)
Tournament Time
The 2010 version of The Big Lead's always enjoyable Culture Tournament is underway. You can see the full bracket here, and you can vote here. Sadly, after earning an 8-seed in 2008 (and knocking off Tiger Woods and Dan Patrick), Hot Clicks has been shut out of the dance again.
'This Is Absolute Garbage'
Canadiens forward Maxim Lapierre was suspended for four games on Friday after a vicious hit on the Sharks' Scott Nichol. The check caused TSN color man Ray Ferraro to go off.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Odette Yustman :: Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images
Brandon Williams, of Baltimore, says, "I would like to nominate the gorgeous Odette Yustman for the Lovely Lady of the Day. My apologies if she's already been featured, but if not, she deserves to be as much as any." Yustman has never been featured in Hot Clicks, and to be honest, I never heard of her until Brandon's e-mail. But I have to scold you, Hot Clicks Nation. Why the hell haven't any of you alerted me to someone as stunning as Yustman sooner? I shouldn't even reward you by posting links to her photo galleries.
Journalism Fail
FC Dallas striker Jeff Cunningham is interviewed by a reporter in this video. Cunningham proceeds to tell the reporter that his name is Freddy Adu. Then he pretends to be Adu for the entire interview. The reporter never catches on. (Thanks to David, of Dallas, for the link.)
Zach Attack
Zach Galifianakis had a killer monologue on this week's Saturday Night Live. You can check it out here. He also shaved his beard during the show. And you can check out 10 other hilarious Galifianakis YouTube moments here.
Sports Video Of The Day
This video involving Utah State coach Stew Morrill features some interesting wording by the announcer. (Thanks to Jordan, of Woods Cross, Utah, for the link.)

Absurd Commercial Of The Day
This is quite disturbing. (Thanks to Noah, of Champaign, Ill., for the link.)

Speech Gone Wrong Video Of The Day
Matthew, a reader who doesn't want his last name or hometown given, says, "Great work on Hot Clicks. It is always a highlight of my day. Here is a video you might be able to use. My wife and I were married in 2006. At the rehearsal dinner, a friend of my parents had 'one too many' and then decided to make a toast. What transpired is in the video below. There are 20 seconds where the camera is not focused on the speaker, but that is quickly resolved."

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