January 13, 2010
Athletes On The Couch
Anna Burns :: Paul Drinkwater/NBC via Getty Images

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As you know, there is anarchy at Tennessee and in late-night television. Fortunately, it looks like something good may come out of the anger in Knoxville. As for the late night, the New York Post reports Jay Leno may leave NBC. Whether he does or doesn't, you should check out this gallery of sports figures who have appeared on the Tonight Show.
His What Was Where?
Dominique Wilkins turned 50 yesterday. The NBA TV crew celebrated the occasion by telling reminiscing about the former Hawk, and Kevin McHale's story was particularly amusing.
A New Hair List
The blogosphere has done it again. I thought every kind of "best hair" lists has been done, but BroBible.com has come up with the best hairlines in sports.
Lovely Ladies Of The Day
TCU Cheerleaders :: Icon SMI
Ever since last week's Boise State-TCU game, there has been a steady request for TCU cheerleaders. Make that, more TCU cheerleaders, since Andy Gray honored them as the Lovely Ladies of the Day last Tuesday. But that wasn't enough for you guys. Gray said that this Boise State cheerleader stole the show, but Dennis M., says, "I must respectfully disagree. This girl [shown above] made a bigger impact." Anyway, to close this case once and for all, I'm giving you two items you'll enjoy. The first is a speech/poem about the TCU cheerleaders (scroll down to the third item.) The second is this brand new TCU cheerleader photo gallery.
I Guess She Wasn't A History Major
Golfer Natalie Gulbis found out that if you make a mistake on Twitter, you'll get called out on it.
E-Mail Of The Day
I wish there was a way you guys could see all the e-mails that I get on a daily basis. Some are interesting, some are funny, some are, um, provocative and many are absurd. And I love the absurd ones the most, especially the ones that are completely random, like this one from Russ W., of Montreal. He says, "One fine Sunday morning on January 10th, 2010, me and my buddy Ciggy were enjoying a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. Russell was having them with a nice cold glass of milk when Ciggy pulled out the chocolate milk. Me: 'Why would you eat CHOCOLATE chip pancakes with CHOCOLATE milk?' Ciggy: 'Uh, I obviously love chocolate, so why wouldn't I enjoy it in both food AND beverage form in my meal?' Me: 'But it's nutritionally redundant! And it's gross! And it makes no sense!' Ciggy: 'DOES NOT.' Russ: 'DOES TO.' And a battle began. So now, both Ciggy and I have created a Facebook group for our respective sides." So, do you side with Chocolate Chip Pancakes + Chocolate Milk make no sense! or Chocolate Chip Pancakes + Chocolate Milk make PERFECT sense!
Sports Video Of The Day
And now we find out why the Packers defense was so awful against the Cardinals last Sunday. Their defensive coordinator was sleeping during the game. (Thanks to Chris LaBlanc, of Phoenix, and Chris, of Dallas, for the link.)

Music Video Of The Day
A tremendous Jersey Shore parody song. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Commercial Of The Day
I don't think it's possible to have more double entendres in two minutes and 45 seconds.

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