February 12, 2010
Wade Phillips Does The YMCA
Wade Phillips :: George Gojkovich/Getty Images

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Enjoy it. I know I did. Over and over and over.
More Olympics Links
Five inspirational Winter Olympic moments. ... A blog dedicated to poking fun at the Olympics. ... Ten ways to spice up the 2010 Winter Olympics. ... Your guide to the sexy Olympians of Vancouver 2010.
Valentine's Day Links
The difference between Valentine's Day and your funeral. ... Eight movies you may be forced to watch this Valentine's Day. ... Romantic Valentine's Day tip from athletes via Twitter. ... A pub full of soccer players sings a Valentine's Day tune. (Thanks to Jon, of Fremont, Calif., for the link.)
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Paula Patton :: Charley Gallay/Getty Images
Marty Stockdale, of Coral Springs, Fla., says, "Jimmy, I couldn't help but read the CNN.com article titled 'Wife praises Robin Thicke's 'super sperm',' and lo and behold, when I clicked on the link I was presented with this lovely lass. Is she on your radar screen? Have you featured her in the past? If not, might be worth a review." No, I have not featured Paula Patton before, but after that quote, this seems as good a time as any.
NBA All-Star Weekend Links
Top five dunk-contest slams of all time. ... Top 10 NBA All-Star moments of the 2000s.
Random Sports Links
Someone tell the folks in Cleveland that Cliff Lee doesn't pitch there anymore. ... How can the Nets think the winner of this promotion is "lucky?" ... Is Jimmy Buffett a Miami Dolphins turncoat? (Thanks to Gerrard, of Palm Springs, Fla., for the link.)
Random Non-Sports Links
This one is really random: 16 statues made out of butter. ... Here are seven ways to be obnoxious while exercising. ... This guy hates TV.
Sports Video Of The Day
You must listen to this one. (Thanks to SolidVerbal.com for the tip.)

Ugly Furniture Video Of The Day
This would be a great commercial. (Thanks to Sean Zuckerman, of Cleveland, for the link.)

Valentine's Day Video Of The Day
I think I posted this last Valentine's Day, but it's good enough for a repeat performance, as this man sings a song to the love of his life. (Thanks to Matt Hickman, of Fort Myers, Fla., for the link.)

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