By Peter King
December 31, 2006
Week 17 Matchups
New York (7-8) at Washington (5-10)
Give me one reason -- just one, and don't say, "They changed the play-caller on offense" -- that the Giants CAN play a good football game, against anyone. I just don't see it.
Washington 30, New York Giants 13
Pittsburgh (7-8) at Cincinnati (8-7)
Joey Porter plays like the Tazmanian Devil, but unfortunately he doesn't play offense. The up-and-down Bengals get beaten of the playoffs by the New York Jets. Somewhere, Paul Brown shakes his head disgustedly.
Cincinnati 20, Pittsburgh 16
St. Louis (7-8) at Minnesota (6-9)
Of all those lousy NFC teams, the Rams, to me, are clearly the team playing the best and deserve to be in the playoffs. I'd love to see Marc Bulger get a shot at the Eagles on a windless day in Philadelphia next week. That might be the best wild-card matchup of all.
St. Louis 23, Minnesota 10
Jacksonville (8-7) at Kansas City (8-7)
Somehow, I have a feeling Larry Johnson, who enters the weekend 98 yards behind LaDainian Tomlinson in the rushing race, is going to have a monster day -- even against this good Jags front. Johnson will make it a real race for the rushing crown.
Kansas City 31, Jacksonville 13
Cleveland (4-11) at Houston (5-10)
Poor Romeo Crennel. What a good man ... a man who deserves a third year with the Browns to try to make it right. I'm just not sure, after his owner and GM meet early next week, if he's going to get that chance.
Houston 22, Cleveland 16
Carolina (7-8) at New Orleans (10-5)
I chuckle at those who say the Panthers have quit. If you quit for John Fox, you'd be on the street by now. And I haven't seen a whole lot of names on the Panthers waiver wire.
New Orleans 19, Carolina 17
Oakland (2-13) at New York (9-6)
Eric Mangini can coach. I wasn't sure he could, but the guy has done one heck of a job.
New York Jets 19, Oakland 12
New England (11-4) at Tennessee (8-7)
I think Vince Young is a bad matchup for New England's not-so-fast linebackers. And I think, no matter what Bill Belichick says to his team beforehand, I don't see them entering this game with much of a sence of urgency. How about Tennessee finishing the season winning nine of 11? Amazing.
Tennessee 23, New England 16
Detroit (2-13) at Dallas (9-6)
If you're Brady Quinn, the scary thought is you've got to be rooting for the Lions to lose -- just because you don't want to play in the Black (Sink) Hole.
Dallas 23, Detroit 13
Seattle (8-7) at Tampa Bay (4-11)
Seattle has zippo to play for. Tim Rattay has a 2007 job to play for, and Jon Gruden never takes a game off.
Tampa Bay 23, Seattle 17
Miami (6-9) at Indianapolis (11-4)
Of all the playoff teams with nothing to play for, the Colts will play the hardest this weekend. They've simply got to get things right.
Indianapolis 27, Miami 10
San Francisco (6-9) at Denver (9-6)
All of a sudden, Jay Cutler looks like Elway Jr. Be worried, New England. Be very worried.
Denver 27, San Francisco 9
Atlanta (7-8) at Philadelphia (9-6)
The Falcons will go out with a fight, but when their plane lands in Atlanta at the stroke of midnight on New Year's, I have a feeling the bell will be tolling for Jim Mora.
Philadelphia 31, Atlanta 24
Arizona (5-10) at San Diego (13-2)
The one thing Marty Schottenheimer wants from this game is to see Philip Rivers play like he did in October. Because with two weeks off before the playoffs, you don't want Rivers to have that time think about playing a bunch of mediocre football.
San Diego 26, Arizona 10
Buffalo (7-8) at Baltimore (12-3)
The Bills end the season the same way they've played every Sunday -- scaring the bejeezus out of a good team.
Baltimore 16, Buffalo 10
Green Bay (7-8) at Chicago (13-2)
If it's his last game, Brett Favre acquits himself well. As does Brian Griese, who has not only the fans but also his own mates wondering if he should be the postseason quarterback for these Bears.
Chicago 21, Green Bay 20

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