March 07, 2014
Friday, March 7
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Dolan plans to woo 'Melo by firing Woodson

So, in the midst of this mostly dreadful season, why hasn't Madison Square Garden chairman Jim Dolan run run Mike Woodson out of town? [Making] an in-season change, from Dolan's perspective, creates the possibility that everyone starts to see that Woody is clearly not the Knicks' biggest problem. Which would theoretically give Melo even more reason to look around if he goes through with his long-planned intent to become a free agent July 1. More than one plugged-in observer has insisted to me that this is indeed Dolan's strategy. He's going to remind the 29-year-old that he can't get $130 million anywhere else, pledge to import a worthy co-superstar no later than the summer of 2015 ... and tell him that an A-list coach will be hired right away to replace the guy who's been holding the Knicks back. ( Comment

Pats, Wilfork headed for trouble

For Vince Wilfork, the career resume is there, but 2013 may be held against him. Prior to the [Achilles] injury, Wilfork's work in the Patriots first three games was modest. Far short of the destructive force he'd been in 2012. That fact, Wilfork's age (he'll be 33 in November) and his financial heft (he's due a $7.5M salary and will carry an $11.6M cap hit this year) have his immediate future in some question. Over the next four days, the Patriots will be trying to convince Vince to trim that cap hit down by taking a restructured deal. ... This is where it might get sticky. Wilfork -- aside from a three-game span in 2013 -- has been one of the NFL's best defensive linemen over the past seven years. He's not going to think he's anything less than that now. ( Comment

Santana sweepstakes down to five?

With camps in full swing, where will free agent pitcher Ervin Santana land? [Santana's] agents remain in contact with the newly aggressive Orioles and at least four more teams as Santana continues to work out in Scottsdale, Ariz. -- not far from 15 different spring camps -- and also to maintain his resolve, say people close to him. Santana, a durable, dependable starter for nearly a decade, is believed to be seeking a deal similar to what the other three top pitchers received on the market (the other three got $50 million or $49 million for four years). ... The Mariners, Rockies, Rangers and Jays are among other teams to remain in contact with Santana, who's been described by personal friends as "cool, calm and collected" by nature. "He's concentrating on his workout," Santana's agent Bean Stringfellow said. (CBS Sports) Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

The Raptors announced that they'll bring back their original, purple "Dino" jerseys for select games during the 2014-15 season. (Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

Must-See Video

A fan storms the court, angrily confronts Hawaii coach Gib Arnold during the Hawaii-UCSB game.

Game To Watch

The Pacers travel to Houston to take on the Rockets, the NBA's hottest team in 2014, 9:30 p.m. ET.

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SI Vault: More Phoenix Suns
  • 2001 -- Phoenix Suns retire No. 7 for Kevin Johnson, who played 12 seasons for them.
  • 1986 -- Wayne Gretzky breaks own record with his 136th assist of the season.
  • 1974 -- New Orleans Jazz become NBA's 18th franchise.

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