March 06, 2014
Thursday, March 6
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Kicker blasts possible PAT changes

Adam Vinatieri has scored more than 2,000 points in his NFL career, and he has designs on playing a few more years, so forgive him if he feels as if the league is toying with his livelihood. [Vinatieri] says player safety is why the league's competition committee should end discussions to make extra points more difficult. ... "I don't understand the logic: Will it make the game safer for people by moving the extra point back to a 43-yarder? If anything, players are going to rush harder because they're thinking, 'That far of a field goal-type try, we have to go after blocking it more,'" Vinatieri told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday. "If you want to talk about potential risk, more guys get injured on a field goal than extra point. "It definitely will change the game. For the better? I'm not sure." (GALLERY: Best NFL Player by Jersey Number) (USA TODAY Sports) Comment

Peavy's final season?

For the second time in his career, Jake Peavy is heading into the final year of a contract -- the first time coming in 2012. What that go-round did for the pitcher was form a mindset that has carried over to this year, the final season on his current contract. And that's why missing a start or two because of a finger laceration isn't going to make Peavy wonder what his future holds. "I'm sure other people, maybe in different stages of their career, it means something more. To me, I don't have any set plans," he said. "I don't even think about it. It makes no difference to me. I'm such on a year by year program here with just my outlook on life. I certainly want to play baseball and love what I do, but not any part of me is thinking about 2015. I'm all in here and will see where the chips fall." ( Comment

Heat aren't happy with LeBron's visit

Thanks to Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the Cavs really might be bringing LeBron James back -- for a night. This thaw was years in the making, fostered by James insiders in Cleveland passing the word that the Cavs would be on Bron's list if he was to leave. ... James' attendance at the ceremony would be legitimate, whatever its side benefits. James and Ilgasukas are indisputably tight. With all the condemnation ringing in Bron's ears when he left Cleveland, Z followed him to Miami three days later. "When I came in the league as a rookie, you try to find veteran leadership, someone to grab onto as far as how to be a professional and he was that guy for me," said James last week in Miami. Heat officials are unhappy, but this isn't Shane Battier. With no inclination to disappoint James, the team has kept a low profile to this point. ( Comment

Must-See Photo
Must-See Photo

Pitcher-turned-slugger Rick Ankiel announced that he was retiring Wednesday after 11 fascinating years in baseball. (John Biever/SI)

Must-See Video

Ken Griffey Jr. left the charisma at home during this awkward interview on ESPN.

Game To Watch

The Heat and Spurs meet in a rematch of last year's NBA Finals, 8:00 p.m. ET, TNT.

This Day in Sports
SI Vault: More Mike Tyson
  • 1985 -- Mike Tyson KOs Hector Mercedes in the 1st round of his first pro fight.
  • 1982 -- San Antonio beats Milwaukee in triple OT 171-166, setting the record for highest scoring NBA game ever. The record would be broken a year later.
  • 2000 -- Shaquille O'Neal erupts for 61 points, 23 rebounds in Lakers' 123-103 victory over the Clippers.

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