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Fuel Illustrated: How top athletes train as they strive for excellence

How J.J. Watt, Bryce Harper and other top athletes train as they strive for excellence.
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Athletes have never been more aware of what their bodies need in order to reach peak performance. Fuel Illustrated is a collaboration between Gatorade and the SI Overtime branded content studio exploring how the best athletes in the world manage their daily clock—training, diet, competition and recovery—as they strive for excellence in their chosen sports.

. J.J. Watt

The Texans defensive demon gets his superpowers from an unlikely place—his mattress. Find out how JJ Watt dreams his way to performance on the field.

. Bryce Harper

Reigning MVP Bryce Harper spends every moment working toward greatness. From his food intake to his pre-game sauna, there’s a reason why Harper is a hitting machine.

. Cam Newton

The right song can push an athlete to the next level. See how NFL MVP Cam Newton programs the soundtrack to his life, whether he’s in the car, on the field or in the gym.

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. James Rodríguez

In every game, soccer sensation James Rodríguez runs a mini-marathon on the soccer pitch. So how does he summon the strength for a ferocious free kick when he’s nearly 12,000 feet above sea level?

. April Ross & Serena Williams

When the temperature hits triple digits, most athletes wilt. April Ross and Serena Williams perform the best when the heat is on.

. Karl-Anthony Towns

The T-Wolves rookie is changing the way we look at young ballers. See how Karl Anthony-Towns keeps himself from hitting the ‘rookie wall.

. Innovations

New technology is changing the way we watch our sports—but it’s had an even bigger impact on the field. Pro teams have got hydration and fueling down to a science.