February 19, 2014
The better fantasy second baseman in 2014? It all comes down to draft value.
Rick Scuteri, Paul Sancya/AP

Cano simply won't be able to take advantage of Safeco in the same way he did Yankee Stadium, and that alone makes him an overrated commodity. When you factor in Kipnis' base-stealing ability, he has the exact same overall upside and comes at a much cheaper price. That makes him a better value pick, as well as a better overall pick, given the opportunity cost associated with Cano. If you grab the newest Mariner, you're passing on guys like Chris Davis, Ryan Braun, Clayton Kershaw and Adrian Beltre. That is way too high a price to pay for a 31-year-old who is facing a downgrade in both the lineup around him and his home park. Give me Kipnis two rounds later to go along with a first-round pick that can truly carry a team.

I. Robinson Cano vs. Jason Kipnis
II. Shin-Soo Choo vs. Alex Rios
III. Adam Wainwright vs. Stephen Strasburg
IV. Prince Fielder vs. Joey Votto
V. Evan Longoria vs. David Wright
VI. Carlos Santana vs. Joe Mauer

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